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  1. Finally got a trip in. Had a little tree mishap.
  2. sledderj

    Home Made PWC Lift/Dock

    Aluminum lift with a hand crank was about $1,200 last time I checked. Pretty cheap, easy to get in and out of the water and will last a long time. I looked at building my own steel one and I don't think it would be worth my time and effort over buying one of these.
  3. sledderj

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    When I was in sales, I was REQUIRED to sign an extensive conflict of interest clause. It precluded me from any interaction with competitor employees and a ton of other stuff. Many of my customers were prohibited from accepting anything from us. Not even a lunch or box of donuts. These were all people employed by private companies. It boggles my fucking mind that people think there's nothing wrong with publicly elected boy wonder accepting a vacation worth tens of thousands of dollars from someone who gets money from the Canadian government. Friend or not, you took the job, tough shit until you are no longer in a position to make decisions on who gets public money.
  4. sledderj

    Yamaha Sidewinder 37 pages Blown belts and $5K bulkhead repairs look to be the worst of the problems.
  5. sledderj

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Settle down Mongo.
  6. sledderj

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Not bad...... Tea bag made me LOL
  7. sledderj


    That stuff kind of works, but it's the dumbed down version for urbanites. Par 3 is the good stuff, but you are supposed to be a farmer to buy it. When we get it here, you have to supply a land location.