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  1. Oh my gherd!!!!! A 200 by 200 meter spill..... The world is surely going to end...... Oh wait, I'm still here, and so is everyone else in AB and SK. WTF??? What do you think they do with them??? Throw some dirt over them and walk away? Please enlighten me on your pipeline spill remediation expertise.
  2. We will never ride without them and I haven't come across anyone who planned to ride with them yet either. But you are right, it's just another thing that increases your odds of surviving an avy. Slides this time of year are heavy and you can still get killed by debris even if you have all the best gear. Not getting caught in one in the first place is the number one safety precaution to take.
  3. I can't imagine not having at least the basic safety gear riding in the mountains. Very immature and disrespectful IMO. This time of year there's lot's of slopes that naturally fall with the melt, so you need to be extra careful where you go.
  4. Keystone and these other pipelines will actually increase what US companies are going to pay for Western Canada Select crude. Right now, the discount for WSC from the benchmark West Texas Intermediate is at record high, so we re losing potential revenue hand over fist because there is not enough pipeline capacity for our production. That's why there are US "interested parties" that are bank rolling Canadian environmental groups to block new lines. It's in their best interests to keep being able to buy our oil at deep discounts.
  5. There are tons of people in the interior just scraping to get by and all the well to do on the coast are pissing in investors cornflakes. I'll continue to support eastern BC, but fuck Vancouver and the Island.
  6. There's too many hippies and crusty retired old fucks in BC that have forgotten how they had to first earn a decent living to get to their cushy retirements. The provincial Liberals are centrist at best. That province swings too far left now days to play nice with industry.
  7. Faggot ass farmers

    It's a little different up here, but there are very few "new" small farms here. They have mostly scaled up to be viable. The remaining small ones are older farmers that get bought up by others when they decide to pack it in. I think the average farm size here is almost 2000 acres.
  8. Just watched the replay, he left his feet, albeit in the follow through. Vatanen's head really snapped around, which would make one think there was contact directly to it. You can't say for sure with the camera angles though. VERY similar to Doughty's, so the NHL is not being consistent for sure. Both were somewhat cunty hits, but that's what makes hockey so fucking awesome.
  9. Morrissey gets a game for his cross check to Staal. Feel better now Bhen?
  10. Anyone have one of these?

    Loved the smell of those. Burn't my fingers more than once messing around with them.
  11. Meh, not really late or blatantly dirty. Awkward more than anything I'd say.
  12. I go from thinking Doughty is a cunt to thinking he's awesome about 5 times every shift. I can't imagine having a legit d-man with some character and fire in his belly in TO though. I'd love to see him in Edmonton, but I'm sure they can't afford him. I couldn't find a clip where Parise got hurt. What happened?
  13. The wild looked tired in the 3rd period, not like a team fighting for it's playoff life. I still think Dumba is banged up.