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  1. Winter 2018

    That truck's got Uncle Don written all over it...
  2. Annual Humane Society Fund rasier!!!

    Sean, Keep us posted as the deadline draws near. I'm sure I could throw a few more bucks your way if needed. As you can tell, I have a soft spot for the fur kids...
  3. Annual Humane Society Fund rasier!!!

    My pleasure, from the boys, Buster & Ollie...
  4. Annual Humane Society Fund rasier!!!

    Donation made Sean, all the best to you & Rupert and thanks for your efforts!
  5. Leafs 2016-2018

    Shhhhh....Don't jinx 'em...
  6. Average cars impounded.....

    The new Chevrolet Crossfire Stingray
  7. 2017 Real World Sled of the Year, and RAD award

    From what I can see, looks pretty clean...
  8. Sneak Peek Show

    You're right, couldn't resist though...
  9. Sneak Peek Show

    Is that the Puzzler reading the specs on the Renegade in pic #2?
  10. Winter 2017

  11. Winter 2017

    Good gig you got going, writing off "personal" sled fuel....
  12. Winter 2017

    Meh... My business Visa expenses were over $25,000.00 last year, 2/3 of that was fuel...But what do I know....Carry on.
  13. Winter 2017

    Umm...Yes...Don't get out much huh? I need them as well for business purposes. Pay at the pump, Tim's, restaurants, etc. If they don't ask I have to request more often lately.
  14. Winter 2017

    Ummm, No...most ask if you need a receipt now for both credit & debit. Remember we are supposed to be a paperless society.
  15. Twinrix ?

    Put some pork on your dork!