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  1. psledhead

    Stolen trailer/sleds

    Enclosed 2010 ATC trailer & sleds stolen from Carling Township. Contents; 2017 Arctic Cat Thundercat, 2016 ZR5000, 2000 Polaris 800XCR These were taken sometime between 10/12/18 & 10/19/18 from a self storage yard. I have included trailer pics, would appreciate hearing if anyone has seen it in their travels. They are likely long gone, not looking forward the the battle with the insurance company. Thx
  2. psledhead

    2019 Polaris reveal

    Got to admit, I'm intrigued by this as well...
  3. psledhead

    Communicator, Senna 20s evo

    Still for sale? Let me know as I have a buddy looking for a set. Thx
  4. psledhead

    looking for pilot skis

    I have a complete black set, 5.7's, with black loops & yellow loops, hardware & rubber pads. I will have to check what runners are on them, I know there is two sets. They were on my Apex for maybe 200miles before I sold it. Was going to put them on my wife's ZR but she's happy with the current setup. Located in Parry Sound, would want $200.00 for them w/everything. Let me know if you are interested and I will get some pics for you. Thx
  5. psledhead

    Winter 2018

    That truck's got Uncle Don written all over it...
  6. psledhead

    Annual Humane Society Fund rasier!!!

    Sean, Keep us posted as the deadline draws near. I'm sure I could throw a few more bucks your way if needed. As you can tell, I have a soft spot for the fur kids...
  7. psledhead

    Annual Humane Society Fund rasier!!!

    My pleasure, from the boys, Buster & Ollie...
  8. psledhead

    Annual Humane Society Fund rasier!!!

    Donation made Sean, all the best to you & Rupert and thanks for your efforts!
  9. psledhead

    Leafs 2016-2018

    Shhhhh....Don't jinx 'em...
  10. psledhead

    Average cars impounded.....

    The new Chevrolet Crossfire Stingray
  11. psledhead

    2017 Real World Sled of the Year, and RAD award

    From what I can see, looks pretty clean...
  12. psledhead

    Sneak Peek Show

    You're right, couldn't resist though...
  13. psledhead

    Sneak Peek Show

    Is that the Puzzler reading the specs on the Renegade in pic #2?
  14. psledhead

    Winter 2017