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Which type of Republican do you 'identify' as?

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On 6/22/2022 at 8:07 PM, Steve753 said:

I figured the OP swung both ways.

in regards to voting, absolutely

In other regards I don't personally care who's dick your willing to suck as long as it doesn't infringe upon my rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

16 hours ago, f7ben said:

I’m the best kind of Republican ....the Ron Paul kind. Fuck everyone else 

original Paul yes, Rand... Nope

13 hours ago, Bontz said:

I'm a huge Pelosi, Schumer, Walters, Schiff, and Nadler fan ... they're the role model for every politician & do nothing but want the best for the country, not themselves.  Same can be said for the McConnel, Graham, Grassley types too :news:

Washington DC needs a freaking tidal wave of epic proportions to hit, while all of them crooks are there & we need to start from a clean slate.  We can put @f7ben in charge after that, and he can mandate all the "kill yourself" orders he wants.  That should get us back to the good ol' USA we need!!

Well, you also ride a Polaris so I realize your judgment is clouded, bless your black little heart.  :lol:

13 hours ago, DriftBusta said:

The kind who wants low taxes, protected  borders and a smaller government who stays out of my business, respects state rights and keeps taxes low.  And the kind who also wants true campaign finance reform and term limits.  Finally the kind that sends criminals in government to jail.

whoa, we're of like mind? 

13 hours ago, Jimmy Snacks said:

Well here you go.👍🏼


Supreme Court Rules State Funds Can Be Used To Pay For Religious Schools In Maine

Alison Durkee
Forbes Staff
Jun 21, 2022,10:33am EDT
Updated Jun 21, 2022, 11:53am EDT


A school tuition voucher program in Maine must be allowed to pay for religious schools, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday, further eroding restrictions on the use of government money for non-secular schools as justices ruled prohibiting them from receiving the funds violates the Constitution.


totally unnecessary, stay on topic until page six

13 hours ago, Doug said:

None of the above.

My opinion is the House and Senate need term limits just as a President has.  Both parties need some of theses career politicians flushed.

I agree Doug on part two, but what's your favorite flava of 'R'? 

I agree with this democrat on this particular topic.


13 hours ago, racer254 said:

The kind that doesn't elect 47 year plus politicians.  Like the other 75 million.

see above.  :thumbsup: 

10 hours ago, Anler said:

I'm a former Republican but I would say I probably associate more with Goldwater than anything else. More libertarian now for obvious reasons. 

you like smoking pot? :lmao: 

my yellow dog Democrat friend always said that of libertarians, just repubs who want to smoke grass.  strange how he always had great weed.

9 hours ago, Jimmy Snacks said:

He nailed this one….



you can keep ripping this off from me, because imo it's completely true.  I know some hypothetical Bible beaters, and bet others here do as well.

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