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Durand, WI crossing the Chippewa River


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Can you ride across the Hwy 10 bridge by snowmobile?  I see the trail comes up to it on both sides, but the map doesn't show the trail actually crossing the bridge.  Or do you have to go up to the Corridor 35 trail out of Dunnville and cross the river there?

Any intel available out there??

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Yep - you can either head to Downsville, or you can actually use the bridge (Hwy10) to get across the river.  The million dollar question is .. with the warm weather will the bridge have snow (they do try to keep snow on it for sleds to get across).  And the even bigger question is, will the counties keep the trails open in that area.  They're typically pretty quick to pull the trigger on shutting them down when these warmups, and marginal snow to begin with, happen.

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