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  1. So sorry to hear sending prayers for your brother
  2. She worked with live cancer cells an accidental nick with a scalpel happens a lot
  3. Yea she has had a tuff time all the treatments destroyed her kidneys so she has to start dialysis next month just had the port put in 2 weeks ago. She worked for a pharmaceutical company for 34 years in cancer research that's were the doctors think it came from
  4. My wife had lung cancer 6 years ago, breast cancer 2 years ago and rectal cancer last year and she's still here
  5. I joined the first or second year Rob started the site. Then I came here after he sold HCS. This site and trailconditions.com. never found out why that site shut down so sudden I miss the new york thread
  6. Sister inlaw's brother just died today from covid. Unvaccinated
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