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  1. I'm a smoker. I caught covid. Smoked through the symptoms.
  2. There was maybe one person with trauma. Its a BS report only yo escalate the lawsuit IMO. Its fuckin sad that people like Fail go with this crap. HONK HONK mother fucker
  3. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/convoy-protest-phantom-honking-1.6363104 Imagine if these people were in a real war...
  4. I found numerous posts online and on twitter. Maybe Trudeau just blocked you
  5. @1trailmaker says the truckers are all gone.... https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMLkKA9Q2/
  6. Ohh wow.. 500$.... woopi. I get 1/3 tank of gas for my boat.... I might be abke to make to Grenadier Island 1 extra time this summer.
  7. He thinks if he repeats it over and over its the truth. Just like his hero Trudeau does. But but but Fail says thats not the reason. He said its because the convoy is over.. It has to be the reason . Right?
  8. Just when I thought Fail couldnt make a dumber post... poof.. He comes up with more stupidness.
  9. So not even 48 hrs in and Trudeau revokes the EA. What a shit show.
  10. Explain this for the class please. What is the meaning of this meme?
  11. This thread is amusing. Nothing better than watching Fail lose his mind. He seriously doesn't understand politics. That much is clear.
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