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  1. Money is a poor excuse when you have that guys eduction. There are legitimate ways to make lots of money in the USA especially with a good education. I’m sure the guy and his wife were able to do very well on their “ non spy” income…makes for all the worse.
  2. I’ve been driving a Chevy 6.6 diesel since I bought it new in 2017. I love the way that motor tows. My occasional heavy load is around 17k pounds and it’s like it’s not there. When I do allow myself to fantasize about a new truck that I would want because my max tow might be around 8k, I’d be looking at the Ford F-150 hybrid… but boy, towing with a diesel pickup that gets up to max torque of almost 1000 ft lbs at only 2000rpm is soooooo nice.
  3. I will be looking forward to Lester Holt doing a Dateline episode on the event, lol
  4. Agreed, how in the world do you do this with like you say, them having kids who will essentially become orphans with no parents…looks like the outdated concept of godparents will come into play. They will end up with grandparents or aunt/uncles, but still have to carry this stigma for the rest of their lives.
  5. Dumb ass traitor and his wife tried to sell nuclear submarine secrets to Dorian country. FBI intercepted and now they are arrested. Good job FBI, tax dollars well spent for once.
  6. Well, I’d rather have that cargo ship out in the middle of the ocean most of the time. I’m older, in my early 60s and recently got diagnosed with small airway disease. I’ve lived in a metro area my entire life, but now have land in northern Wisconsin. I have an RV with a light grey rubber roof and when I store it outside at my home for the winter, by spring the top is almost black. I then keep it up north all summer. Last week I was up there to adjust the antenna and noticed the roof is light grey again. Bottom line is I think my lungs will be much happier for a longer time with the
  7. Awesome, I’m just wondering if you went out to the wood lot with the Milwaukee chainsaw and a couple of 12ah batteries and experienced it for yourself. My buddy has a Mikita and mine runs circles around his.
  8. I have two batteries for the chainsaw and have cleared an acre of trees that averaged 8-10” in diameter, about 25 of them and only did a change out, no going anywhere to recharge. That Milwaukee kicks ass. The logs are 4’ long and stacked waiting for my ambition to turn them into firewood.
  9. Good news for my nephew who is out in the NY area updating their power grid. The same will be done across the country and that’s JOBS, and an eventual better and healthier life. I’m sure recharging lawn equipment will have a very minute impact on the power demands.
  10. Do you actually own and run these Milwaukee tools? I do and also their Stihl counterparts, and the Milwaukee give up nothing and outperform.
  11. Hmm, maybe because off this Cali situation, Milwaukee will expand into mowers, both push and riding…I wonder what Milwaukee tools stock is trading at…might be a good investment? V
  12. Like I said, size for size and I’m comparing my Milwaukee to their Stihl counterparts, and those are top of the line gas. I would maybe have gone Stihl battery, but I already had the Milwaukee batteries from my M18 cordless tools which are drills, grinders, lights, sawzalls, circular saws, and a few more. The cost is mitigated when sticking with an individual battery group as their all interchangeable. I believe commercial size would easily duplicate this. Many of the tools I own are also used by professionals in their trades.
  13. I’ve gone electric in my “garden” equipment and some other things. So far my list is string trimmer, chainsaw, leaf blower, and hedge clipper. All are Milwaukee and use the same batteries. All of these outperform their gas counterparts size for size and are much quieter and a joy to run. I’m still on my 30 year old John Deere for mowing, but if it gave up the ghost I wouldn’t count out electric if feasible. Cali is big and if the usual laws of supply and demand apply, production of electric will go way up and cost will come down…while getting better. Look at microwaves, cell phones T
  14. I’ll take a sled that’s fastest on a whooped out tight trail over the fastest sled in a straight line any day.
  15. I’m addicted to those dam caramel frappes from Mc Donald’s
  16. In a boomer and recently retired and I can half agree with that. I hate crowds and everywhere I go it’s full of grey hairs. I blame modern medicine on keeping us not only alive, but able to still do stuff that usually stinks up a place…
  17. And there’s the ever increasing development of AI and robotics. There will come a time where income will be generated off of investment. Imagine a world where a robot performs labor for you. You invest in the robot and receive a monthly fee. It’s kind of like owning rental properties.
  18. Pretty current event for me. I’m selling and getting out of the high rent district and moving up to northern Wisconsin.
  19. You are correct on both counts, and proud of it.
  20. …except for those downtrodden minorities. Am I talking about Blacks or Brown people, no. Am I talking about disabled people, no. Am I talking about women or “alphabet people”, no. It seems the new downtrodden and under represented segment of Americans seems to be the Republicans…especially the far right!!! Will the pendulum ever swing back in their favor??? Or will the continue to become more and more marginalized to the point where their only voice will be on obscure snowmobile forums citing video clips of their mouthpieces from the dark corners of the internet. How does it feel to
  21. My perspective is I would rather be vaccinated and have what some call marginal antibodies so that when and if I get the virus it shouldn’t be a death sentence…but if I do get the virus after vaccination I should get those versions of the antibodies produced. In other words, doubly protected and alive. It’s kind of like being both seatbelted and having modern air bags. Each on their own deliver protection, but together provide exponentially better protection. Nothing’s perfect, but why die a stupid death or become more injured if it can be avoided?
  22. Survival of the fittest. It’s funny how the alpha predator wolves need protection. They have litters of pups every year sometimes 6, 7, or 8 and seem to not be able to sustain without the governments strict regulation. Deer on the other hand who are the prey species who’s females only produce 1 or 2 a year are hunted by the thousands, but yet survive to excess. By the laws of nature, the deer must be stronger and smarter. Now back to your programming.
  23. The first 47 years I was invincible, then heart disease cost me my job and career, a stent, open heart surgery, two lower back surgeries, bilateral carpal tunnel and eight finger release surgery, and now onset of lung issues ( early COPD)…and pre diabetic. Getting old sucks, but the alternative is worse.
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