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  1. Hey, there’s different ways of doing things and getting the word out as in my post here. Maybe a few of you guys might do the same and pass it on to others who pass it on to others…
  2. Well, for the protection of the police I say let’s ban no knock warrants so that the only ones busting in are criminals. I will be greeting them with lots of hot lead…let the cops and the coroner figure out who they are. In the Breonna case, the cops could have easily surveiled the residence and arrested the scumbag boyfriend when he left the house for a trip to the grocery store. The same with David Koresh of Waco fame. The guy went into town all the time. The law could have easily picked him up instead of that disaster at the Branch Dividian.
  3. Being the second one to fire usually doesn’t turn out so well…cause your dead. Cooler heads in a home invasion in the dark in the middle of the night???
  4. Yes I do, unequivocally. Her experience should scream bloody murder for ANYONE who feels the right to be safe in their own home from Gestapo tactics by law enforcement. What would you do if someone broke down your door in the middle of the night hollering law enforcement??? Any criminal could holler that as their breaking into your house. Are you going to drop your weapon and see if they are legit?
  5. The black female EMT who was shot dead by police in the middle of the night while in bed during a no knock warrant. Sweet dreams…
  6. A good boss can spot a slacker or an untrainable a mile away within the first week, long before they qualify for unemployment. So who is left to work. Non farm unemployment is down to 5.2%. In a perfect world that still leaves a massive labor shortage.
  7. Here’s a little story of my own because I’m such a generous guy with way too much money. When I go for breakfast the place is packed with over 50 tables. I tip the waitress as is customary, but I also give the Mexican guy who is there like clockwork warming up my coffee a buck. Now one dollar ain’t shit, but if others did the same, an extra one dollar per table, that coffee guy will be making $25 or more an hour. And that’s not too shabby. He takes care of me, I take care of him.
  8. If they are not doing the job to justify a living wage, fire them.
  9. It’s never going to be perfect. Humankind has always had a bad element, but don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good…I stole that line from a politician, lol
  10. I’m fine with cutting off long term unemployment and welfare. I got no problem sending people to work no matter who they are as long as it’s something they can live on.
  11. Between $15 and $20, those are the going paid by the hour rate for painters, drywallers, concrete…ect. A lot of the guys I know are begging for workers. And the food service industry is begging for workers to. The deli at my local Trigg’s closes at 6pm due to lack of staff. Pisses me off that I can’t get my tuna salad on my way home.
  12. Whaaaa…everyone needs a good cry every once in a while, it’s good for the soul.
  13. If we make them all legal there won’t be any illegal…problem solved.
  14. Lindbergh baby, Lacy Peterson, Patricia Halbeck, Joshua and Tylee Vallow, Casey Peterson, Nicole Brown Simpson, Stacy Ann Peterson, Natalee Holloway…the list goes on…the only black lady that comes to mind is Breonna Taylor, hmm am I missing any?
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