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  1. through media via fear. yeah, it makes the most sense. one person in particular ive had real long conversations with over how corrupt the world govs have always been, complete agreement...war for profit ..yep....i think this vaccines a way to get money and give the terrified enough false sense of security to leave there basement and go back to work' " YOU'RE PUTTING US ALL AT RISK YOU SELFISH FUCK!!!' '...seriously ?'
  2. i liked the one where they said ' mask on to walk to your restaurant table, take it off when you sit down ' uh...guys ...its airbourne ...
  3. i had people i knew my entire life and always got along with meltdown and scream in my face over saying the vaccine is not working. it was a real eye opener. reasonably intelligent too.just completely checked out on this one.not even a discussion , straight to 100 ready to fight you over it.never saw anything like it.
  4. defys all logic.theres no one in the car but you.are you scared of the air conditoner ? just straight up mental illness. thanks cbc.
  5. i get the angle.it dont matter who you voted for cause there not in charge anyway. the thing is, never in history has the establishment flipped out the way it did when trump won. theres a reason for that and it aint mean tweets or classified docs.
  6. seen a girl in her car by herself masked up the other day. all i could think was ' man.that chick is a good time for sure. bet shes a riot at parties'
  7. oh thank god.were saved. how many masks are required sir? 3 good ? simon says ....... boosters or fucking starve, pleabians.
  8. well, half of ourselves. atleast 75 million didnt cause this.
  9. her getting crushed and then running for president aint far fetched. kamala got decimated in her primary and shes currently vp. biden admired and spoke of how great an influence a grand wizard in the kkk was for him, and he got the most votes in presidential campaign history amid a racial uprising vs police. skies the limit in politics. dreams do come true, you just need the right ballot machines or be the correct gender and ethnicity
  10. they could just od on heroine just as easy. i guess its not there fault, they were mislead. should have never listened to the cops that day they came into the classroom and explained that doing heroine is fine and never ends badly.
  11. the left wing is abesolutely terrified trump gets back in and treats them the way he was treated.
  12. ' 'you called women animals, fat pigs , and dummies ' ...only rosie o'donnel...' the best line by a president ever.
  13. i guess if you want to fix the threat of fethanyl, you could just not snort illegal street drugs.seems like a solid plan for survival.
  14. underestimated the western funding.little to do with resolve.
  15. evs are too dirty. i say we all skateboard to work.
  16. the grounds too soft.tanks and other heavy battle equipment must stay on the roadways making them easy targets. winter is coming. expect a serious bloodbath once it does. im not cheering for either side, im just saying. the worst is yet to come.
  17. the darkest day in human history .... (sinister music ) INSURRECTION !!!!!...next on cnn... 'firery , but mostly peaceful protest (city on fire in the background ) ...also next on cnn .... op...wow.the right wiing is totally out of hand ' lolol
  18. i like to take this opportunity to say these liberal wetodds do not represent canada , in office or in opinions. our liberals give your dems a serious run for there money in terms of delusion. but even most liberals are starting to finally understand the liberal party up here does not work for us. davos crowd wannabe this trudeau fucking clown is. probably the most hated man in canada.
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