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  1. i don't need to squint very hard to see a ss uniform on this abomination.
  2. the root of that mess is lobbying. as long as this is an acceptable practice, you can forget about any elected politician being altruistic and making descisions with its citizens best interest at heart. for the people by the people ' in theory. in practice, through lobbying, is now if you want to even be able to afford to run , we own you and you will put our companies interests ahead of all else.' only in government is bribery not just not illegal, but an encouraged and required practice to participate
  3. all the unrest and distrust in governments, the tension among citizens, the issues with other powers like russia and china, the economic collapse thats inevitable...whats the end result?what do you see happening in the near future, say in the next 5 to 10 years? davos succeeds , one world gov.rule with an iron fist above all? civil war among the left and right wings of western countries? green energy saves the day and everythings great? the world heats up and we all die? nuclear conflict with other countries? things go bac
  4. no thanks dawg, im just gonna stay home and chill with my monkey ..'
  5. lol.so good.fucking gold.lol
  6. a 'humantarian crisis' and 'migrants being bussed to dc is a crisis ' lol...well wtf you guys want texas and other southern states to buck up and deal.hypocrites these fucks. here kamala, you incompetent laughing retard, since you dont want to address and visit the border, the border has come to you. woke fucking dimwits. i applaud texas.best move ever.fuck em'
  7. there different. those are real nazis. hawleys like the lefty version ..pancakes, republicans, heterosexuals etc etc.. the people who don't agree.those kind of nazis.
  8. exactly. let them have it then. no crisis, no problems right guise? hug the world.hug the jihad right out of them with liberal acceptance and no background checks. what could possibly go wrong?
  9. how about fuck off and fight your own battles.
  10. cnn is funnier then snl these days.not sure who thats more insulting to. the peak of cnnism was the broadcast when the guy was standing in front of a wall of burning buildings , with a caption across the bottom stating 'firery , but mostly peaceful protest '. classic. there delusion just simply would not allow them to state the obvious. keeping it orwell at all cost lol. i always laugh whenever i catch a clip of these goofballs and think to myself theres no way anyones this fucking blind or stupid not to see through this ' then i go to wor
  11. just more antagonizing of the super powers. just aching for a world war and get rid of millions on both sides
  12. and whats a music thread without bon scott..mean ass riff in this one too.
  13. same deal with i mother earth with the original singer instead of the new queer that ruined it.
  14. early our lady peace before they sucked.
  15. this stp track kicks so much ass too
  16. ...and gotta get a little hair metal in there ....
  17. slower jam but a good one.
  18. not a big country music guy, but this is fucking badass too.
  19. the last words gordie sang at his last concert. you could see he knew it was the end.so sad man.
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