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    @Tommcat my impression is that they're reliable on the 2 strokes though? Nothing Oem is probably going to hold up long term on a beast..... Outside of the TCat/Winder crowd, I haven't read any criticism of the Team clutches. Or am I missing something?
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    Well, at least made from Chinesium and with Chinese parts. Textron simply did this to reduce costs. For the most part, TEAM clutches have been good for Cat. Was anyone clammering for new home made Cat clutches?
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  4. Why hasn't anyone listed the Plywood Palace/Chipboard Palace in Moquah, Wisconsin? Rookies.... Take your date there. Take your wife there on her birthday (I did). You quickly will find out the status of your relationship.... Oh yeah- Drink your beer out of Dave's glassware.....
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