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  1. I don't doubt that he ordered a new Cat. Everything about Cat is PURRRRRfect........ Again, in all honesty, had Textron put even a little effort in to their 60th Anniversary sled line up, I would have placed a spring order.
  2. Starting a waiting list for those interested in purchasing.....
  3. Polaris has traditionally been pretty good about deliveries (yeah, I know about last year). They had plenty of experience with their issues with snow and dirt parts availability last year, so I am confident that they had enough time to plan for this year's sled production. If anyone is in a position to deliver this year, it is Poo. Huh--- No Cat or Yamaha orders in this poll? If no one orders a Cat or Yamaha, then I guess no one will be able to criticize them for not being on time.... Where's Jim Ramstad when you need him.....
  4. Hay Days reaffirmed my choice to order a new Polaris. I can't tell you how many times I've second guessed that decision, but there's no excitement or inspiration left in the Cat camp......
  5. I'm a trail guy, and Cats 600 was perfect for me, so I have no doubt that I will be happy with the Polaris 650. I've never read about anyone having an issue or not being happy with the 650. My racer days are over, and my riding style has slowed considerably as I've gotten older.
  6. Wow. Bummer. I loved his dry style of humor. His dry humor and sarcasm always made me laugh.
  7. How'd that go for ya? At one time, I used to be able to trade up for a new sled for $1500.00 each year. Unfortunately, I took a bath on that 700 Fusion and that soured me on Polaris until now. I had great luck with the ZR chassis, Barney, and ProCross. But this spring, given Cats lack of innovation and anything special for their 60th Anniversary pissed me off. The price on a new ZR6000 was within a few hundred $$ of a new Polaris 650. Hopefully, Polaris delivers.
  8. I'm fat. Sweat. And wear glasses. MX with a OTG goggle is the only way I can keep my glasses clear.
  9. Did anyone besides Jim Ramstad order a new Cat?
  10. This is my first Polaris spring check in years. I've had 29 new Cats, but couldn't justify one this year for obvious reasons. My last Polaris was a Fusion 700...... Yeah, that one..... My days of ordering In the spring are probably over as well.
  11. Ziemann

    Ultimax Belt

    The Polaris belts are produced by Mitsuboshi (MBL 3 Stars) at their plant in Illinois last i heard. As far as I know, they are still the OEM for both Cat and Polaris. Great belts. Overpriced, but great belts.
  12. OK you Polaris bastards. In the name of creating new content here at FS, I have a simple question. I have on order a new Matryx XC 650 129. How much space is there between the seat and the tail light for mounting a tunnel bag? Would the OLD style soft Burandt tunnel bag fit? I went to Hay Days this past weekend and was not overly impressed with the new tunnel bag options offered by Polaris- they are WAY overkill for my needs. I just want a bag. I really don't think I need one of those new molded bags that are currently being offered. Even though I am spending a fortune on a new sl
  13. I get it. I hope no one takes my comments as a slam. No insult intended. Vertical Scope is very narrow minded. I'd love it if this site were able to expand its scope and capture the sledder camaraderie along with the technical knowledge that we used to have.
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