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  1. Dark.......so darkkkk.......LOL
  2. I feel the same way. I really loved my 29 new Cats, but eventually reality set in. I don't eliminate the possibility of a new Cat in the future (especially for my wife), but they are going to have to offer something truly revolutionary to sway me away from the Polaris Matryx. There are tons of former Cat customers that would be open to returning to the brand. But Cat is going to have to do something amazing to get people to switch brands and return as customers. Quite frankly, I don't think Textron has the commitment to the brand or the sport to accomplish that. Instead, they seem satisf
  3. I purchased a 700 Alterra and it has been an OK ATV. It doesn't do anything great, but it also hasn't let me down. It's a 2020 with about 3000 miles on it. It certainly not the most comfortable, not the fastest, not the best handling. Compared to my previous CanAm 650 Outlander Max, it is inferior in a lot of areas. BUT! It has been very reliable so far. And the price was about $4500 less than I was going to have to pay for another Outlander Max. I bought at the right time before Cat jacked up their prices. I use it a lot for local trail riding, and doing snowmobile trail work. For what
  4. Where do you guys come up with this new found optimism that Textron is suddenly innovative and committed to the sled market? About the only thing new that Textron has to offer is an increased level of disappointment.
  5. Did I miss the RXC? Don't see it on the '23 web site?
  6. I know it's hard to believe, but the Matryx feels different than the Axys- in a good way. Frankly, the biggest bitch I have about the Matryx is how cold it is.....
  7. There are some significant differences compared to the ProCross whether people want to admit it or not. You must spend some time calibrating the handling of the Matryx to get it to handle the way you want. It took me about 500 miles to really dial the handling in. The chassis responds amazingly well to body english, and when set up properly handles/rides extremely well. I can push this sled just as hard as I could my '17 Roger Skime. At first, it seems like the Matryx sits up really high (and it does), but it quickly becomes comfortable, and now that I am used to it, I could not go back to the
  8. Frankly- mine didn't seem to run hot at all. I didn't shoot a temp gun at the clutches to see sheave temps, but my "touch test" didn't reveal any excessive heat from my 650. Belt life seems reasonable, altho I had a bit more belt dust than I expected.
  9. @Crnr2Crnr I tend to agree- if they had come in low like they should have, they would have probably done fairly well. BUT, no one is going to switch brands to Cat based on that pricing. This isn't just about the # of sleds you're selling- it is about market share. Cat may be able to sell units to those with green blinders on, but there is NOTHING that will pull people in from the other brands to increase Cat's market share. Maybe their angle is to increase market share via the kid's sleds. But even there, the MX-Z Sport is a much better deal.
  10. That dealer in Bismarck (Dvorak Motorsports) is claiming that Cat will "Promise to Delver by the end of Nov. 2022" It really doesn't mean anything, but that should help appeal to some folks that are holding back if they're afraid that they won't take delivery before winter. I do give Dvorak and Country Cat credit for aggressively trying to stimulate sales. I have to believe that they are in a tough spot. I'm on an email list for several dealers, and those really are the only two dealers that even seem to be trying to sell Cat..... I wish we had access to Cat's sales #'s. This has disaster
  11. It almost looks like Grandpa is trying to remember where he left his flip phone....
  12. Check out the people in that picture. It's grandson and Jim Ramstad reminiscing about the good old days when Cat had innovative exciting products. The smile on the Grandson's face just says "kill me now".....
  13. It's right around the corner. That time in LATE APRIL that everyone looks forward to! Your opportunity to order a "new" Cat! (maybe- maybe? that you might get next year).
  14. Jim is a baiter ... So is Gym......
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