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  1. Oooof..... Santana, Steve Miller Band, Uriah Heep, Kiss, Bon Jovi, GnR......
  2. Again- a Noncurrent as we are seeing the prices now, will be by far a better value.
  3. Exactly-I could also see adding the new Garmin display to one of Country Cat's leftover Catalysts. That would be a hell of a lot cheaper- and maybe a better option. Frankly, I LOVE the Polaris 7s display, but it has been far from perfect. Occasionally Glitchy, hanging, rebooting, difficulty connecting, group ride glitches--- all well documented. I'm an expert at pushing and holding the Polaris button to force the 7s to reboot while riding to bring it back to life. Polaris tried for a while to release frequent firmware updates for the 7s to fix the issues. Now it seems like they've given up. No firmware updates have been available since last March. As much as I love the 7s, the Garmin option on a Catalyst makes me even more tempted..... Polaris could have EASILY made me a customer for life. My ownership experience started very strong, and now the relationship is luke-warm at best...... I'm sitting here playing with the '25 Polaris Snowcheck pages....and I'm just not feeling it......
  4. More '25 Polaris random thoughts: My Poo/Doo riding buddies used to give me a ton of shit for riding a Cat Procross when it was a dinosaur. Now, they just give me shit about Polaris recalls, asking when my sled is going to explode, and if it is safe to ride, etc.....dicks..... Why would anyone spring order a '25 Polaris? There are going to be some KILLER deals on Noncurrent sleds next fall. I have to think that Spring snowcheck sales this month will be pretty grim. Polaris's image in the sled market has suffered greatly, That, compounded by a bad winter and excess dealer inventory, makes ordering a '25 Polaris illogical.....
  5. I also spent some time on the Polaris Snowcheck page- I'd now be well over $18,000 for a sled that I'd want to order. Fuck that. My '23 VR-1 has been solid, but based on Polaris prices alone, I too will evaluate other options when it's time. Hell, there are "deals" to be had on Noncurrent sleds right now. Country Cat has new Catalysts for less than $12,000. That makes MUCH more sense to me than ordering a new Polaris.
  6. Was anyone actually impressed by this Polaris release? Maybe it is my apathy due to such a poor season. I tend to agree with @Bontz that everything including price are painting a grim picture of the future. 3 years ago, Polaris looked to be in a position to challenge Ski-Doo's marketshare. Now, I question their ability to hang on to the #2 spot.....
  7. Other than some of the obvious calibration issues on the 600, has anyone experienced any durability issues with the ADAPT on STOCK sleds? It sure seems like Cat's clutching has been a revolving door over the last 10 years. My impressions of the ADAPT so far have been pretty positive.
  8. Did I miss this being posted here already? Cat must ADAPT apparently.....
  9. Jesus..... My VR-1 has been perfect. If I wasn't so annoyed about this latest debacle just a few weeks after I got the initial recalls done, I'd probably be a Polaris owner for life. I'm not sure which is more dysfunctional, Cat or Polaris? For 2025? If I were Polaris, I'd focus on changing the stigma that now comes with the name Polaris.....
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