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  1. Oh @ZR6000RR?? What's the story?? I wrote the following about Jim on HCS today: "As far as Jim? Jim is a legendary troll and he's very good at it. We all seem to be triggered to respond to Jim. VerticalScope loves Jim because he triggers people to click more and post more. So, they are going to give him his vacations, then turn their heads the other way when he comes back. He's good for web site traffic. Jim gets to perpetually come back, but the old mods/admins/core group of this site remain permabanned......"
  2. So....Jim- are ya back here after being banned yet again today on HCS? Asking for a friend.... LOLOLOL
  3. I spend a ton of time in the groomer. The one that gets me are the wanna be powder riders who stand up with their backpacks and go back and forth across the freshly groomed trail in the road ditches, or even jumping the trail. Most of our tourists are clubs and families, and they are VERY courteous. But there are more and more off trail, wanna be powder riders. Nice avalanche pack..... in Wisconsin...... And they all seem to be wearing Tobe or 509 gear......
  4. I couldn't use my Sno_pro for trail work early season because I would poke brush and sticks through the frog skin intake on the nose. At least they were easy to fix.... A benefit to that sled's simplicity. From a chassis perspective, that sled just begged to be ridden as hard as the little 500cc's would allow. I loved that chassis.....
  5. Hey D-Rail- it looks like I am off that day. I will touch base with the wife to see if "She" has plans for me. Shoot me a text if ya like. I will also reach out to Mac. @Zambroski- Scotty- you in?
  6. Ziemann

    Recall fix

    The more I think about it, the more I worry about something getting screwed up while they have my VR-1 torn apart for the recall. My sled is working well, and is reliable, and I don't want to take the risk of some High Schooler screwing something else up while doing my recall work. I just posted an updated trail report on Facebook, and we plan on going out with work crews tomorrow to try and get everything cleared. If we get the forecasted wet snow, we are going to have a ton of trees, branches, and leaning Jackpine covering the trails that we'll need to move before we can get the Tucker
  7. Ziemann

    Recall fix

    Jesus- the grammar police should arrest me...that was an atrocious post. :-P
  8. Ziemann

    Recall fix

    Any updates on your sled, Chris? @Bontz I am on the list at Duluth Lawn & Sport, but haven't heard a word yet. As previously stated, I really could care less. I'll be riding tomorrow and like several days a week for the rest of the season, so it may not get done any time soon. If I would have gotten the call before now, I would have probably brought mine in, but I am unwilling to lose any riding time or not have my sled available to me when the season is so short.
  9. Holy shit- Jimmy Ramsbottom was lurking.... @ZR6000RR Jim- come play with us...... you know you want to.
  10. It'll eventually be ready. It's whether the market will be receptive after such a wait. And of course....what the rest of the specs are once this thing is finalized.
  11. Cat's approach seems to be pretty conservative. Limited details and a lot of smoke & mirrors. I completely understand that this is likely due to the fact that the sled is still being engineered- and no where near completion. About the only think I can see that would renew peoples' interest, would be to surprise everyone and offer a large bore 2 stroke (850+cc) for spring order and not only the 600. Right now I still feel Meh....and outside of a new motor, I don't see the Catalyst recapturing my interest. For this season ('23) there not many ZR6000's available. I am assuming that was
  12. @ZR6000RR Dunno- I think Jim Ramstad is either an Evil Genius troll- who laughs his ass off every time someone is triggered to respond to his insanity, or he is duller than a pile of rocks..... I don't think there's anything in the middle. Is Jim an evil genious Ski-Doo or Polaris rider who's entire mission in life is to make Cat customers look as bad as possible?
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