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  1. If you look carefully you can see 2 hardened 1/4 inch pins through hitch into forks I could have drill larger and used a hitch pin but have been moving large rocks around the property and was concerned with lowering the integrity of the forks. I opted for Heavy-Duty forks from a skid steer instead of the standard tractor set, so far, so good.
  2. Today's farm Pic.....built a trailer hitch for my tractor forks out of an old car hitch assembly Slotted it and capped the ends, fits nicely Now I can easily move big trailer around yard Ok, now back to the regularly scheduled gay banter
  3. One of the best movies of all time!
  4. Pulled my 9 year old Craftsman out of storage today, used tractor to bring it up garage where I can go over it. It's been a very good unit, gets a lot of use but I do stay on top of things
  5. Hard for older people to change, I continued the paper billing way too long. Switched to mostly online after the post office pissed me off, so glad I did
  6. Talked to dealer Tuesday, figured mid Dec.
  7. I was going to 'Like' your post but don't want my internet buddy to think I'm going against him
  8. It is odd that so much focus is on TNW. Personally couldn't give a shit, again money doesn't make you happy. That being said it is strange the way I'm attracted to this thread. Water in front of me had a skim of ice on it for the first time this morning, winter is coming
  9. Lowered ride height and 'Smart Shock System', can't wait to try it out.
  10. Looks like Kelly LeBrock before, here's what she looks like now
  11. Are you terminally ill and trying to make amends with everyone or are you just goofing?
  12. Relatively new here, who is this Gravano?
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