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  1. it was stock when bought so i'm thinking they were 2 ply from factory
  2. will do Doug, thx for the info.
  3. My 2012 800 has the original cobra track on it with 7200 miles. Still looks quite good and haven't had plans to change it. Can is still stud this "older used" track and do i need to do 96 or 144 studs? don't mind spending a few hundred bucks on 1.5" studs if it will make the sled better.
  4. i know, i know, i needed to rant. Wife wouldn't listen to me so i was pissy about taking off the make up on this sled and then finding issues, especially from a woman who told me it was in really good shape. only thing in good shape was her rack. but i guess i'm anal about caring for my stuff and when someones says to me its in fantastic condition i think: clutches have been serviced sometime within this 16 year timeframe, sliders (which are 1/32" from being worn down to the rails) have been changed, shocks have been rebuilt (nope), carbides replaced, etc. But nope, carbides look li
  5. over the 2020 season, i was given a 1992 340 polaris for free that sat outside for 4-5 years untouched. Fixed it up as it was a green fuel mess from tank to fuel pump to carbs, and both the secondary and primary were never serviced which ended up being a PITA to get off and rebuild. Got it to run well enough, not perfect, but good enough for the kid to play around on. Sold it for the COVID price of $1600 in Jan 2021. Picked up a 1998 Skidoo forumla 500 with 2600 original miles for $850 that sat under a buddies deck for 4 years as well. We were able to get it to start and run enough to get
  6. i've run the ethanol 91 in non ethanol mode and so far so good. FWIW, i think the Coop stations are still non eth. some sort of deal with the province that they need to be fully compliant by next year
  7. i have the same puller that i used for my 99 XLT 600 all the way up through the years for me 2012 Pro R. IIRC as long as it's a 600cc or higher it will be the same puller
  8. just installed a electric start kit from a donor 2012 SB Assault. It's all in tight and works, but typically where does the ground wire attach? I have currently attached to the screw on the battery case, but it there is a better place or most common place, let me know.
  9. New Hampshire clutch kit.....i see what you did there, lol no fix kits, just go new Axys or try the Wiseco piston kit (not fix kit). I have 3300 miles on my wisecos and they are still in almost perfect condition other than some of the Armor Glide coming off on the exhaust side of the sled.
  10. my beloved costco 91 non ethanol is now up to 10% ethanol. Happened last week she said. Of all the places that i would have thought would buck the trend it would have been costco.
  11. no, Manitoba. Mandated that all stations must have 91 with ethanol by end of January.
  12. our province has mandated that all 91 fuels now contain anywhere up to 10% ethanol. In the past 91 premium fuel was always non ethanol here in Canada. I run a performance head so 91 is minimum that i can use and i've always had the resistor on non eth. Can you safely run 91 eth fuel on the 91 non eth resistor? i also add octane booster so i'm running around 93.
  13. Rode with a guy on new year's day that had a mach1000. it was gorgeous. he only pulls it out every once and a while to ride. this thing was beyond mint. almost like he pulled it off the showroom floor. was a dog in the trails as he was always last to catch up, but on the lakes you couldn't touch it.
  14. update to the mod now that i put on about 200 miles New Years Day. Average temp was 114 with hitting temporary temps of 131 if there was little snow. Trails weren't perfect by any means, but even in the low snow conditions, this was impressive.
  15. for me it's more piece of mind. i run forged pistons and to have the sled run cooler is most important to me. The temperature fluctuation with the original thermo was immense. i'd be 125 all the way up to 165 with the sled pulling timing at the higher temps. And these temps were in good to pretty good trail conditions. I was sick and tired of constantly worrying about temps. The stock polaris thermo circulates 11 litres per minute whereas the doo stat circulates 26 litres per minute. that almost 2 1/2 times more circulation. I was skeptical at first, but this has really impressed me o
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