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  1. i threw a Biden reference in there and we'll see how long it takes
  2. who knows, the smurf idiot is probably sucked up to someone and got the position. Never heard of the guy before until he became a mod and i was there for 9 years. That site is truly now gone downhill. Like i said, there are only a handful of peeps who know what they are doing, whereas before the ban hammer came down, there was a ton of peeps who knew what was what and helped out. Sad to see, but wokeism is the shiny new toy of the decade it seems
  3. Hey ZR, yup, HCS is truly going woke and i saw those threads shut down. Can't say a damn thing without Smurfie or Steve fucking you over. If you take a hard look there's probably about 6 guys there that know what they're doing. All the good ones are banned. Fucking joke
  4. that was the guy with the high idle Dragon issue. I told the guy for the amount of time he's spending chasing a 1 or 5 blink code, he could have spent $100 and had it on the digital wrench, taken the diagnostic and fixed it himself.
  5. 1995 ZRT 800, thing was fast as fuck. Buddies dad bought two of them off the showroom floor and we broke them in....literally. Blew belts on them and one motor mount in less than 500 miles. Great speed, shitty suspension, shitty build, but damn they were fast.
  6. it truly is dead over there. Like DEAD. I realize it's summer, but geezus, it was still pretty active in the past.
  7. i'm going to say no because the whole state of MN is going to burn to shit when they let the cop off for killing Georgie boy.
  8. it was stock when bought so i'm thinking they were 2 ply from factory
  9. that 1995 ZRT800 was a beast. Damn fast. My buddy and i broke two of them in one weekend. His dad was loaded so he bought 3 of them off the floor and we headed to the cabin to break them in. by the end of the weekend we had broke motor mounts on both and blew 4 belts. The only thing that gave us fits at the stock drag races on the lake that weekend was the thundercat
  10. will do Doug, thx for the info.
  11. My 2012 800 has the original cobra track on it with 7200 miles. Still looks quite good and haven't had plans to change it. Can is still stud this "older used" track and do i need to do 96 or 144 studs? don't mind spending a few hundred bucks on 1.5" studs if it will make the sled better.
  12. i know, i know, i needed to rant. Wife wouldn't listen to me so i was pissy about taking off the make up on this sled and then finding issues, especially from a woman who told me it was in really good shape. only thing in good shape was her rack. but i guess i'm anal about caring for my stuff and when someones says to me its in fantastic condition i think: clutches have been serviced sometime within this 16 year timeframe, sliders (which are 1/32" from being worn down to the rails) have been changed, shocks have been rebuilt (nope), carbides replaced, etc. But nope, carbides look li
  13. you go Andy! Congrats, been there, done that and didn't think i'd even make it to 50. Figured a horrible case of syphillis would have done me in but nope, still here and just some pancreatitis from drinking too much whiskey.
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