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  1. I got it fixed up. Needed two sensors replaced. Turned out I had been using too much soap and it built up on the sensors. Something like that.
  2. That’s his name. Couldn’t quite remember.
  3. Are there still any appliance guys here? Our inspire series miele dishwasher is throwing a code (all rinse, drying and end light flash together). Apparently it has to do with something that thinks there is water in the machine. For the life of me I can’t remember how to reset the damn code to get the thing to run again. Modern day technology can be frustrating.
  4. It seems to be a bit of everything in Ontario.
  5. Merry Christmas everyone. It was nice to wake up to some snow yesterday, and it’s currently snowing outside!!
  6. Last year it was a older New Holland tractor with surtracks, this year it’s a new Case 135 with Suosy tracks.
  7. We rode around lake nippissing I one day a few years back. 700 some odd kilometres if I remember correctly.
  8. After spending 15 years plus with my club I started grooming last year only because I actually had the time to groom. This years looking like I won’t have the time unless it’s on weekends.
  9. Gotta be 3” in Shelburne and it’s still coming. How about some frost also.
  10. Stud boy

    Sled Show

    We’ve heard the same, this was the last year for royal. Anyone know now why the power went out Saturday afternoon there?
  11. Stud boy

    Closing sale

    I just got a woodys 6” carbides and a jiggle siphon for under $90, tax in. Its been snowing in Shelburne off and on all morning long.
  12. Stud boy

    Closing sale

    Strictly Recreation in Shelburne is closing up shop.
  13. This happened just down river from Grand Valley, about 15 minutes west of Orangeville. I got out once last weekend, it’s amazing how wide the river got in some places. We were walking in land in some places 200-300 feet or more. From a river that in the middle of summer that hardly has enough water to float a canoe. 14 km of river to search from the point of entry to Bellwood lake, plus the lake where I understand the police have divers.
  14. On a 4 lane highway with a centre lane that has a solid yellow and a yellow dash line are you allowed to pass slower traffic in that centre lane? (making three rows of cars then). We watched it on Hwy 10 south of Orangeville this morning, two cars, two separate times. I always thought it was a turning lane and not a passing lane.
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