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  1. Anler - serious question. Do you know her personally by chance? Have you ever talked to her or meet her?
  2. Sounds like you are talking about Hillary.
  3. We have 2 BR 180's, and few year old Piston Bully and patiently waiting on delivery of our 1019 Piston Bully.
  4. Yeah man - I groom when I can. I coach both my kids travel hockey teams so my time is limited. When I need my ZEN time I will jump in and relax out in the woods alone. I think I've spent more time in the groom the past 2 or 3 years then I have on my sled. And that isn't saying much. I am still moving freight all over the country, but looking to get out of it. Good luck on the new position.
  5. Hey stranger. I'm still here just not as active as I once was. CKF told me over on QR you had asked. How the hell are you doing these days?
  6. I thought he was from down around Westchester County just north of the city. If i remember he once went of the handle about what he way paying in property taxes. Or was that someone else?
  7. You can't be serious with this meme. Please please tell me you aren't. I know more liberals that cherry pick info that it would make even you want to bite the end of a loaded barrel. :bh:
  8. So all the stuff you deemed fake news about the Clinton's you now deem news worthy? Got it.
  9. We only cook now with cast iron. Only thing we don't use it for now is boiling water for pasta. We have 3 different sizes pans and 2 different sizes for sauces and soup stuff. Love them.
  10. Of the New Yorkers I know I bet 90% voted Trump. And we still lost the state because of downstate. :bh:
  11. Want to put money on whether or not the EPA gets abolished?
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