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  1. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1660695887277286&id=120624534617770 hope this works pics too big to post 4/23/17 ride
  2. I would have posted 4 23 17 pics but they are too big
  3. Still lots of ice on Big Diamond in Stewartstown
  4. I could tell ya but then I;d have to kill ya loll. How do I stop the sideways bullshit
  5. Nice to ride right from your door with permission to check what needs attention for the local club. I found a dead moose in my travels
  6. We have over a foot at Diamond pond in northern NH
  7. Some day in need to leave you my I pod CKF so you can fill it up for me
  8. Epping ain't closer on the weekends and Oxford is way more fun 85 miles to Oxford from 45th Parallel Cabins. I still have both my cars 67 Fairland 73 Mustang
  9. Been running the new bike there too.8.29@84.11 for that. Not sure if you remember Rippin ZR from HCS but he races a 68 mustang there now 7.03@96.94 it has a stroked Windsor
  10. I'm at 83000 miles on the 5.7 from the land of the rising sun 2012 version still zero repairs. Oil changes brakes filters. It went back to the dealer once for limp mode unhook battery re hook all set. It appears it was bad gas. Also ran it at Oxford Maine dragway this summer ran against a 6.2 Denali2014 or newer version him 9.68 @72.42 me 9.70 @ 72.79
  11. 79 el tiger 5000 turned me off of snowmobiling for 10 years then I bought an Indy and it became a passion
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