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  1. Get rid of the "drunks" and the OFSC would be toast for sure. Going by the current social narrative "drunks" would likely constitute 50% of permit buyers if not more.
  2. I'm hearing rumblings that there is major turmoil in Snowcrest land. As in no more SCR/taken over by ? . Hopefully that is not the case?
  3. The Happy Wanderers have been dealing with bridge headaches for quite some time now.
  4. So what does that world smell like? I'm guessing Voltaren gel and piss-soaked Depends?
  5. Price drop to $120 for the pair.
  6. Congrats on the sale. Maybe a four stroke in your future?
  7. Wow. That sounds pretty heavy on fuel. So without a refill how long will the propane last?
  8. Came back on here about 5 pm today.
  9. Sounds like this guy is just some loner asshole that's pissed at the world b/c he can't get laid or some such thing. Oh well, now he'll get all the sex he can handle in prison.
  10. Unbelievable as it may sound I was having a coffee on the deck yesterday morning when I heard a sled on the trail out back. I went to check later that day and sure enough some die hard had stopped at the Shelter and left a 10 cent donation on the picnic table. No doubt soaking up the sun for a while and digging the fact that he was out for a final rip on April 22nd.
  11. So you decidedto build rather than buy?
  12. Exactly why I've got the bonehead on ignore. Every reply is the same crap written with zero imagination, no sense of humour and a seemingly limited vocabulary. At one time I mentioned to Poodleboi that he needed some new material, but it would seem that he's too self-absorbed to even take a hint as direct as that one was.
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