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  1. Just wondering what reasons they could have for making this so quite. Disposal of public asserts without accountability is also a concern.SIU has been no where to be seen.Correct me if I`m wrong but any Police action that causes injury to a civilian is under there mandate.
  2. Here is an interesting one for you.Friday afternoon the OPP set up a road bloc on our one lane under construction bridge on hwy 69. It has an auto light with manual override on the weekends. so the lightly pursued vehicle crashes hard into the pickup cruiser. This is when things get weird.No fire dept,rescue. or ambulance.I have seen many accidents on hwy 69 and this is normal.road closure is usually 4hrs 8 with fatality.They had every thing towed away within the hr.Strange,no pics no extra coppers.No tweets from opp on road closure,no 511 posts.News media were told no information available wi
  3. Does any body remember when they first met Rob online.I do.Lets see if any body knows the site.
  4. Surprised your allowed to use your wipers and turn signals.
  5. That decision is non binding.The present parliament is a care-taking role only.Parliament was dissolved,pending new elections. Media misses these little things.
  6. gtserider

    Shitty day....

    I don't come here that often so I'm late to the wake. So sorry for your loss. Rubert must have looked at you when you had your boo-boos and wondered why my master is just a spaz.You know when they turn there head back and forth and look at you, ok can I still get my food.
  7. We have 5or6 down the lake,all Wilsons.
  8. Just because you came from the GTA doesn't ' mean your all bad. Collingwood happpens to be a real good example of whats going on..Hell I went to Jarvis Ci and almost considered an accepted local up here.I still don't brapp though town on my Sport. I think they will put an imaginary fence up the hill at Lorrettas and ? won't let them down. JIMO.When is the last time you where to Collingwood?
  9. With out going into detail,the GTA folks are moving to your home town--in droves.With alot of money. These good folks are not snowmobile friendly and the traditional locals don't get it.
  10. I was in Collingwood for the last 2 days. I couldn't,t believe the cans you could hear. And I was on the East side of town nowhere near trails.Considering the changing demographics of the town,you guys are going to be in trouble if this is not addressed.
  11. Gm Oshawa has been in decline for the last 20 years,with all stripes of governments Meanwhile Honda in Alliston has increased the number of employees and plant size over the same period..Whats your answer to that?
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