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  1. Does she chew tobacco? Or run a Bubba Gump shrimp boat?
  2. When I say "fucked up" I mean funny as fuck. That broad is smoking hot. Reminds me of the secretary they had at the dealership I used to work for . Only saw a few episodesbut she's already programed the pvr for upcoming shows
  3. Wife started watching it. It's pretty fucked up lol.
  4. My elderly neighbor has a kubota tractor. Uses it for everything except lawn mowing on his property. Pretty cool unit,and talk aboot a quiet diesel
  5. Wouldn't that be better suited to a garden dwelling Mexican
  6. I downloaded some of that months ago and deleted it .it's the best they've put out in a long time,but it's like they're trying too hard. Some of it is pretty good tho
  7. My mistake I thought you started listening at the black album lol. Yeah,I remember all the prepies and hair metal guys with the Metallica shirts. Wtf
  8. This is where it's at...a few albums before the black one