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  1. xcr700

    Exxon Refinery on Fire

    Arent these the same water heads that let a drunk captain crash and let a shitload of oil spill into the ocean or something like that
  2. Same here. I thought it was going to be a stinker ..I mean ,one hero to carry a movie? I mean superman and spidey did it..but Ryan is just so over the top funny and the vulgarity is the icing on the cake Edit...thought you were referring to deadpool .... I'm probably going to watch at least the first Kingsmen this Sunday. This is the kick in ass I needed
  3. Those are on my must watch list
  4. Oh no. Kinda like how " Full House " ends ever episode?
  5. That's not good. Was really hoping for a better movie ...if that was even possible. DP1 was just so.....well...fucking awesome
  6. On TV now . Fuckin aces
  7. Oh great 🙄. I was hoping it wouldn't be like most sequels. The trailer was awesome tho
  8. Yup. Still one of my favorite movies lol. Sad fact....woman got me DP2 fir xmas .. I still haven't watched it. No time . I'm gay lol
  9. I was insinuating that Deadpool was the bomb....Shazam is shit lol
  10. xcr700

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    I see you down there Jason.....post pics lolol
  11. xcr700

    Tool kit

    I dont know why..just started to laugh . I know someone on here that would lose their lunch if this happened
  12. xcr700

    Trump says Islam hates “us”.

    Muslim Americans? Probably low . Actuall Muslims from the mother land ? I would assume a lot. Dont have that answer. Alls I know is they are animals . Not the American ones, the hardcore ones . Their beliefs are fucked in the head .
  13. xcr700

    Trump says Islam hates “us”.

    Who's the one who repeatedly is associated with terrorism. It ain't the huterites. . Cant tell me it was like 20 Muslim guys that planned it