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  1. You look like a shit disturber
  2. Holy shit .. reminds ofdeuce bigalow
  3. That's a cartoon. It's make believe. ..like flat earth
  4. We also live in igloos and get around by dogsled. Get your shit straight
  5. Holy fuck. That's quite the copy and paste. I think I dislocated my thumb scrolling through that shit
  6. Damn. .. it's actually a pretty awesome looking car . I'm a tad jealous
  7. What a gay pos. And it's black...just like your boyfriend. I'd post a pic of my Rio ,but I wouldn't want you to make a mess in your drawers
  8. That's also the reason the sun appears huge on rise and set,and turns orange. Prizm effect
  9. The only difference is the Matrix is real
  10. It's good to know it's different these days. With cameras and such as well. That department I was talking about was just a dinky shit little outfit for the outskirts of the city .