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  1. Chairlift malfunction

    Why did I think this would be posted
  2. On top of the wing would make sense lol
  3. Sidewinder

    That's hauling
  4. Always thought this was cool https://www.popularmechanics.com/flight/a24004/machine-gun-through-propeller-fighters-ww1/
  5. Sidewinder

    Check your sugars faggot
  6. Heard the news this am while at hospital. Pretty sad
  7. What's the better turbo

    Yeah. Sounds like a Ferrari
  8. What's the better turbo

    More durable, easy to mod, cheapest to mod ,better sound, etc
  9. What's the better turbo

    All stock ,or whatever mods .
  10. Post pics of your March rides
  11. Doo 850 DESTROYS poo 850 lmao

    And at least 3 inches taller lol My 400 classic would have too
  12. Chrones sucks shit

    Canada ,yes.
  13. Chrones sucks shit

    Can you get both measles and chicken pox? I remember being hospitalized for one of them when I was younger, then getting the other a few years later ?