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  1. Sears Canada , is toast

    I've treated myself like an amusement park a few till reading that shit...thst ,and and bra and panties section
  2. Argo /MAX

    Friendof mine has am 8wd unit with enclosure with radiio and heat . Uses it exclusively for humting. Neat watching it dog paddle over creeks and ponds
  3. Sled pics from last season.

    Damn. Nice pics guys. I had some great pics .....on my old phone lol. Didn't save them to the cloud and new phone doesn't take a card....
  4. Argo /MAX

    Probably 30km
  5. clutch balance work

    Ivory blade ftw
  6. Wtf are those for, and wtf , thats not a beer I see...looks like mountain dew or some shit....
  7. Sears Canada , is toast

    Exactly. Especially on the kid thing. I loved that catalog
  8. clutch balance work

    Yeah,well I'm closer. I'm going to hop on the next ice flow, sail over there,and stick him in the neck
  9. clutch balance work

    You know i love you slim goodbody fucker had it cuming
  10. clutch balance work

    I'm surprised you're not bent over in front of it . Fuckin saskanook faggot
  11. Sears Canada , is toast

    I liked Sears. There were Sears outlets in 3 towns around me. It was great. Order online ,go to the outlet and pick it up. Kinda like Consumers Distributing. Fuckin man style shopping, no gay stores to walk through. Just want my shit ,and get on with my day
  12. clutch balance work

    Where in the holy fuck did you find that pic
  13. You do realize you can set it so you don't get email notifications right