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  1. So ,is the sun flat too, or just the earth ?
  2. What's wrong with our hippie
  3. Eclipse

    I thought so too.
  4. Eclipse

    Oh. I thought he was staring for a while or something
  5. Eclipse

    Is that for real? What a dumb fuck
  6. Upcoming eclipse

    Dangerous faggot? ??? Was watching the live coverage. .Pretty cool. All cloudy here, can't see shit
  7. Upcoming eclipse

    That's insane lol I wish we had new boss day. Ours is a total cunt. Because of him,3 guys who have been here for at least 15 years,quit in the last year. I'll be next
  8. Upcoming eclipse

    Burning man? ,like the movie with Nicolas Cage? ?? ,
  9. Upcoming eclipse

    Take off eh
  10. Upcoming eclipse

    Seriously? That's incredible lol
  11. Upcoming eclipse

    Very fuckin cool
  12. Upcoming eclipse

    Where is "ground zero " ? The best place to veiw?