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  1. You should be a leg model My left leg is missing half its muscle due to being eradicated by a rear wheel from my cr250 after a crash from qualifing in 95 lol
  2. Crown and coke here
  3. What is it with you and those sexy leg shots?
  4. I have a funnel and an old 5 gallon pail of power clean in my garage. ..and the bush behind the house for a more serious scenario lol . Have you ever hung onto the front rack of an atv to shit?
  5. Either did she You're not the only twisted fuck on here you know
  6. Can't believe how much Sugar Ray fagged out. Used to be a great rock band
  7. And if you're R.Kelly. ,
  8. Happy lucky finish
  9. No shit Is it legal to test with a load? Carny? ?haven't heard that in a while
  10. Don't laugh, but when I was 14, 15,I worked for a traveling carnival with rides . Each ride is assigned 2 people to operate and setup/tear down. Every time we got to a new location, the driver would allow me to park the ride with an LTL9000 . was a cool experience when all my buds were still riding bikes lol
  11. For reals? Ford has some dial on the dash or some shit that you turn,let go of the wheel, and it backs up a trailer for you while you rub one oot
  12. The trailers I learned on were useless for looking backwards. ..alla you saw was trailer
  13. I learned purely on mirrors lol. Talk about bizzaro world It's something faggots and prepies use to back up a trailer. It's like a gay on board Co pilot
  14. Yup. Can you imagine if the park asist and turbos blew up off warranty That would be useful What aboot going forward You have limo money . Stfu Is it an intruding fist?