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  1. Amazon is big into Green energy. Build it and it is all a huge right off!!!! Amazon builds windfarm there are huge credits there. They put solar panels up that is a huge tax break. Hell check that renewable energy block to buy renewable energy from your power company that is a huge write off get rid of subsidiary for green energy to business and corporations and you will see you tax revenues go up.
  2. New York is one of the states that people with average to great wealth are migrating out of for better states to have money and personal wealth. The word is that New York is one of the states that is going to lose a congressmen after the 2020 census. Amazon would have increased the population enough to offset this loss
  3. Is Wikileaks Russian???? and what is wrong with talking with them????

    Weekend thread!!!!!11

    I could vary several psi and clutching didn’t need to be changed

    Weekend thread!!!!!11

    Ya... when you take an m7 and slap some race gas boost at it you change clutching.... but after that never needed to mess with. If I added 15 hp or took away 15 hp by turning the boost controller it didn’t matter if I changed weights or not.

    Weekend thread!!!!!11

    On my turbo as I changed elevation or snow conditions changed it was just turning the boost controller either plus or minus... fuck changing clutching to maybe get an extra hp to the ground.
  7. Wikileaks isn’t russians it??? Wikileaks did a great service for America an exposed very bad people. That organization is full of true patriots.

    Weekend thread!!!!!11

    You only need to clutch a turbo sled once. Then just play with the boost as needed.
  9. We need more beds instead of less like the democrats are pushing for. Build new facilities to house these people.
  10. Duratracs and be done. They get noise as they wear though
  11. Having 1 thread not good enough or what?
  12. Vote for duratracs here. All I will put on my rigs.
  13. Mass shooting in Illinois.... close to Chicago. Wonder what the gun rules are like there?
  14. Trump should propose building a high speed rail from the Pacific Ocean to New Orleans on the southern border right of way.... just make it a 30 ft tall solid concrete elevated track and attach it to the New Green deal. Jump on a high speed train in San Diego and be in New Orleans 30 hours or so later! Just imagine the environmental savings!!!
  15. They should take it out of the military by closing all the military golf courses and R&R bases all over Europe and diverting those funds to home land security wall