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  1. Upcoming eclipse

    Had about 95% awhile ago. Was nice cause it cooled down, now it's hot again.
  2. secret service, broke

    Doesn't Obama and his family have secret service protection and the clintons as well???? Should they stop traveling and cancel book tours?
  3. Upcoming eclipse

    Not sure on Nicolas cage.... Burning man is a drug infested orgy type art show in the playa in Nevada in the middle of know where. Crazy crazy shit happens out there for in the desert.... it's a pilgrimage out west for many acid, and lsd using hippies that have nothing better to do beside get wasted and dream up some artsy shit and build it to haul it out in the desert and get wasted while looking at all the crazy shit people brought and a then use a shitload of drugs and have orgies... the eclipse festival in Oregon would be a good warm up for the burning man.
  4. Upcoming eclipse

    Ya. Weed is legal in Oregon. Live music and stuff going on at festivals in Oregon in the path... Burning Man starts next weekend so I imagine there is many on there way to the burning man hanging out at the eclipse festival as they make there way south. Would be great people watching.
  5. Upcoming eclipse

    Oregon... you can legally smoke weed before, during and after the eclipse and have over 2 minutes in totality in the path. They have been partying hard at some eclipse festivals all weekend already near prineville.
  6. Mueller will eventual be hated by the left that currently love him.
  7. So.... what are they going to do... take his paycheck away?
  8. If Conor start to get beat on he is going to revert back to mma and put Floyd down on the mat and put him to sleep... if Floyd is in the process of getting beat he is going to fake an injury to avoid the humiliation of get fucked up.
  9. I got it bad!!!!!11

    I think a Cessna caravan is well over a million... not sure the cost But think I recall a bush pilot telling me they were well over a million. when working up in AK I always tried to carry enough weight to need to charter one of those village to village.
  10. Drill Baby Drill

    you get around half as much diesel per barrel of oil then gas. Maybe 10 or so gallons of diesel per barrel to 20 or so gallons of gas from a barrel of oil. If your demand for diesel is up you have an influx of extra gas. When Diesel was cheap only over the road trucks were running it along with boats and trains. Now that every HD pickup you see haul air around use diesel you gas is a byproduct essentially in the refining of diesel to fill up Cummins, Duramax, and Powerstrokes. I know for just my work truck everyday I work the refiners have to refine 2 barrels of oil just to fill my diesel work truck. So there is 40 gallons or so of gas as a by product just from my work truck. Got 5 of those diesel burners on my crew that use prolly the same amount of diesel. Then if we bring in the big boys, bucket trucks and cranes we can go through alot of diesel in a day. I figure pretty easily a day of work and burning diesel puts a few hundred gallons of gas out there. So when all these guys are driving around in these diesels hauling air cause they have a small penis complex they are just helping to make the price of diesel more then the price of gas.
  11. Drill Baby Drill

    cause everybody drives around in brodozers that use alot of diesel hauling a full load of air.
  12. Obamacare.... Needs the young people to buy insurance but also required parents insurance to carry those young people until there 26. Prior to obamacare you had these youngsters paying into the pool for services that they weren't using but now they don't have to until they hit 27 and can just take a small fine if they chose to not get insurance. Everything the republicans have tried on healthcare has failed. The liberals and liberals alone own this mess. I will just have the Union make the employer pick up the extra cost so its no biggy what the premiums are to me. It will just reflect with a few extra pennies extra in your electric bill is all.