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  1. Big number future generations will need to pay back... lol!
  2. Hillary fell again in India and broke her wrist!!!! she is way to unhealthy and frail to be president.... hopefully she makes a run at it again 2020!!!
  3. Cause damn she looks likes like she blew up.
  4. WTF California???

    ICE should pick her up and deport her.... would be pretty easy to know where she is at
  5. Yep, we built wood powered CO2 cars in grade school as well. We had mechanics, welding, and wood working in high school. Could take 2 years of each.
  6. We need to get back to educating in college and teach engineers to engineer in college instead of what colleges are about now.
  7. Birthday

    Birthday to Ginsburg. 85.... wonder if she has 6 years left to wait out trump
  8. Trump dossier Chris Steele

    Dem Emails was actually an inside job that Seth Rich perpetrated the release and ultimately paid for. The dossier author believed that the golden shower at Ritz never happened so on and so forth what we do know that this dossier author was paid for by the DNC Dem emails released showed the current Dems are prolly the most corrupt party the US has ever seen Bill and Loretta had a secret meeting on the tarmac away from cameras and discussed “Grandchildren”
  9. Trump dossier Chris Steele

    The entire dossier has been proven false...
  10. Doesn’t/didn’t believe in the Trump Golden shower event happened..... poor liberals like MC and such that hung their hats on this event.... lol what a bunch of idiots liberals are for even believing such a far fetched story!
  11. Assault weapons ban?

    owning assault weapons today Is pretty cost prohibitive for most.
  12. PA election

    Democracy is pretty cool... if this a case of every vote counts and cool as shit to see votes actually count!
  13. Political pressure due to Zinke being from the same town. Whitefish had a bunch of rockstars from the union working down there that put more power line back up from hurricanes then Fluor could ever dream of. Many of the same guys that turned New Orleans, Florida, NY, Nj etc etc etc that have been devistated by Hurricanes we’re turning on Puerto Rico under whitefish... whitefish hands knew what the fuck they were doing for sure! Fluor grabbed us $800 million plus and turned a few percent on compared to the 68.4% that IBEW whitefish energy turned on....
  14. When you are union contractor it doesn’t matter how many office people you have... you just go to the union hall and get people. That 2 person company had hundreds of union journeyman employees on the island, helicopters lifting towers and poles and union journeyman lineman to the job sites. Gobs of equipment dozer, cranes and bucket trucks. The company had million dollar contracts with the government prior to Puerto Rico. They also had 65% of the island lit up before they got booted. The island would have been 100% lit up under whitefish for less and in a shorter period of time.