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  1. Don’t have ticks in my area. Ladybugs take care of my yard and garden pest.
  2. Creating more jobs!!!
  3. MC.... I much prefer to have you or slinger tell us what you think.... then I know what you think and believe. I then know the actual truth is the opposite as you guys have been 100% wrong for over 2 years now you commie fucktard.

    Its out!!!

    Democrat leadership are proceeding in away that is guaranteed to cause losses for the democrat party in 2020 elections. Are they really this blind in reality???? The democrat base and majority are sick of the likes of Nalder and such on how they are are reacting to trumps proven innocents after a very thorough investigation by a highly trained and capable team of democrat operatives that set out to get Trump onanything but came up empty handed after 2 solid years of investigate unopposed.
  5. Are you ever correct on anything???? Trump didn’t collide with Russia, didn’t obstruct justice, and is your president you fool.... your behavior is borderline treason for trying to over throw a sitting president with fake propaganda you commie fucktard.
  6. zr1 is not a 100k. but still a heavy hitter for its price. but in the end you could hit the shit out of the vette and it would be worth half its value after a year or 2 and worthless after 5 or 6. Hit the $450k Gt hard for several years and it will be worth 7 figures
  7. kind of a cherry picked list there a
  8. Even the N.Y. Times gets it. To a large degree, the gap between perception and reality on the tax cuts appears to flow from a sustained — and misleading — effort by liberal opponents of the law to brand it as a broad middle-class tax increase.

    2018 tax fucking

    Almost $3000 a month in state income tax, property tax and mortgage interest???? Some one living outside there means much????? if you come here and bitch about paying 1500 or more in federal you must be in over your head. using phony numbers though to make up your story.... how much itemized deduction ability did you lose from last years taxes to this year.
  10. BOHICA

    2018 tax fucking

    What is your overall tax percentage this vs last year???? If I were you instead of searching desperately for the Russia boogeyman and pee pee tapes that you will never find, you should lobby your democrat representatives to stop obstructing progress and maybe go to trump and republicans to see if they can get the Salt increased. bet if you side went to trump and gave him 10 billion for his wall he would gladly increase the SALT to your liking!!!!
  11. Remember when a glacier formed, blocked a river and flooded half of Montana and when it glacier broke it shaped much of eastern washington and the columbia river path... Me niether but I guess it happen way before man. Those would have been the days.
  12. New vette looks pretty much like a copy of an Acura NSX.
  13. Periods with no glaciers dominated for three-quarters of the past 1 billion years.