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  1. Now we know where a small amount that small donation money that came from the campaign. Or a kick back present for helping keep the f35 program up and running.
  2. She can't be dumb enough to really say that....... this has to be a joke!
  3. There are enough professional shows that last 1/2 hour or so which are great and entertaining but it the toothless inbred hicks that are out a week before and a week after putting up shells at midnight that truely is not inspiring and just a nuisance. I take great joy know many people over the fourth holiday maim themselves and there families firing shitty little fireworks off thinking they are accomplishing something special.
  4. They should ban the fucking thing. People that shoot fireworks rank right up there, on the homo scale with the fags with tuned diesels rolling black smoke everywhere.
  5. I would use the heck out of it just not to have to turn the steering wheel.
  6. It's not really a NRA thing in my opinion.... not a gun rights issue imo. dude got blasted cause he was black.
  7. Sad part is that being a cop isn't all that dangerous when compared to other jobs and these cops a quick to pull there gun cause they get scared over nothing. Dude got blasted cause he was black and a cop was scared of the black man
  8. Cop and white guy. White guy.... "Hey you fucking pig, I have a gun on me" Officer..... "cool bro, what kind and caliber. White guy...... "a 45" Cop...... "Awesome, Get those taillights fixed and have a nice day" This cop and this black guy with a women and a baby in the car Black guy. "Excuse me sir but I feel I should let you know I have a firearm in the car with me." Cop....... pew pew pew pew. "I told you not to pull it out" Black guy...... "gurgle gurgle gurgle"
  9. impressive shot. Dont fear the AR15's. Everytime I have gone to the 1000+ yd range with buddies and saw whats capable by just going to the local bass pro shop and getting a hunting gun and some optics, I think in the back of my mind, if the bad guy ever learns how to shoot we are fucked and there will be calls to ban bolt actions, single shots and scopes.
  10. Telling the officer about the firearm is the utmost respect and the right thing to do. If the guy was going to shoot the officer he wouldnt have told him about the gun. A white guy wouldn't have been blasted in the same situation.
  11. Young cop should be held accountable. A badge doesn't give the cop a right to shoot someone cause they are scared. If a dude that is black or white tells the officer he has a gun chances are that individual is not going to use it. The person that is going to use it is the one that isn't going to tell the officer about the gun..... The guy telling the officer that he has a firearm appears to have the utmost respect. Him telling the officer about a firearm should have made the officer relax if anything. Watch at 1 minute mark for about 30 seconds..... The black dude had the utmost respect for the officer and was doing the right thing and got killed cause he was black. See I read the same article that the OP posted at democraticunderground and the posters over there as well wanted to make this about the lack of response from the NRA.... Its kind of shitting on Castile as he didn't die cause of the NRA and their stances on gun rights.... The guy died because he was black and the police officer fucking put a bunch of rounds in the dude for no reason other then being black. Castile did everything right..... Told the officer about the gun and almost immediately reached for his own. The officers response should have been "where is your firearm sir" If he got scared the cop should have backed off and called for the guy to exit the car from the cover of his car and get on the ground rather then blowing him away.
  12. Ya its a shame that hispanic type race cop blasted that guy and got off. The dash cam footage should have locked the cop up instead of freeing him. But this isn't a gun rights issue that the NRA really needs address cause this incident hasn't regressed to the point of using this as a situation to take guns away. This would be a matter for the family and civil court, BLM, Obama's to address. The guy was shot because he was black..... Not because he was a legal gun owners. Having NRA step in would be a disgrace to the family and African Americans and their cause.
  13. The left wore out the food angle on trump on May 5 2016 over a taco bowl. They already used up the fake outrage on food well over a year ago.
  14. does the boosted camaro overheat on lap 2 like the boosted vette does?
  15. We have always paid for abortions and contraception for everyone????