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  1. Remember When...

    Thought this thread was going to be about an alan jackson song... Should have looked t who started the thread to know it is the same incoherent drivel the OP is known for.....
  2. Said they didn't exist that long ago and were hid. Found them only due to the freedom of information act and a conservative group requesting them.‘finds’-new-documents-about-clinton-lynch-tarmac-meeting/ar-AAtoUVJ
  3. They should just tax any and all employers and any goods sold in the US with a certain percent of sale/income for healthcare for all. It could be just rang up like sales tax on all products or services sold. Simple push of the button on the computer and it comes out and sent to the government to provide health care for all.... Rich, poor all pay the same. Then employers won't have to provide insurance as it is built in already in their cost for provide a product or service that all pay for. Also this way it doesn't advantage of disadvantage anybody
  4. Dems will be negiotating on this wether you like it or not. This executive order will make sure it happens
  5. Dems don’t have a choice to buy play ball with Republicans now vs all the stonewalling they are doing on healthcare.
  6. left vs right

    Riveting... connect the dots you moron... you are a self proclaimed expert in dot connecting.
  7. left vs right

    Is that what it is called when a liberal sexually assaults women and minor women.... Seduce????? Nice spinning!!!!
  8. A fellow coworker of MZN’s... except with darker skin, smaller boobs, and bigger guns.....
  9. I already answered u!!!!!. it’s a profession for pussies.
  10. Ok here is a picture.... It’s not of me but it is picture of why I am not a police officer.... it’s so easy any pussy can do it.... you are a bitch in a bitch dominated profession.
  11. No, being a police officer is for a pussy... So much so women become police officers just as often as men. Its a profession for the weak. I was neither afraid or tried to be a cop cause im not a pussy and need more danger and excitement beside being a donut taste tester.
  12. I get more danger in just one day then that idiot saw in a career. Nothing exciting about being a cop. While many are good and great officers, many are not and are there cause they can't cut in the real world with out being in adult daycare called...... Police department. Jesus the police department would recruit the shit out of us from the military. I entertained a police department on my separation from the military under career transition for 1 day.... By going to talk to them it got me out of work for the day just like giving blood.
  13. No there is more honorable, exciting, dangerous, adrenaline rushing profession that pay way better then being a donut taste tester with a badge.
  14. I dont consider policing an honorable profession. I need more thrill and danger in a profession then the preschool teacher level of danger a police officer experiences through a career