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  1. I couldn’t see straight Last night for sure!
  2. I was beered our last night.... you get the picture
  3. This is a small job and truck im using to finish..... They go much bigger. Beyond this is helicopter
  4. I tell people to go up... I’m paid for my brain power these days vs my brawn

    Holiday cheer

    Neighbor put his drone up. Can’t wait for next year!!!!
  6. Ford ftmfw! They make are the only ones that make the boss money everyday.

    Amsnow Shootout

    Look like the kings are the yamacats turbo.
  8. That’s why I said GM’s are not very well regarded.... Spinvag likes pieces of shit so he would fit perfect in a GM.
  9. Gm vehicles are not very well regarded.
  10. That is what he said. It was a newer 6.2 and he claimed it had tranny issues. I think he just wanted a ford diesel cause after driving our work trucks he decide that Ford has a hit with it’s trucks. i think my next purchase may be a Volvo or or jaguar suv... wife really liked the XC60 T8. I like the idea and performance of plug in hybrids. Pretty great time to live in the golden age of automobiles. It’s never been better as far as the quality and performance of vehicles gas, diesel and electric.
  11. $50 million or so brought into the government coffers in the last day or so.
  12. In today’s teleconference abilities all these politicians should be in their home states with there staffers.
  13. BOHICA

    Calling for 25,000 job cuts at Ford

    Yep....GM pulled the plug on Europe what last year and liquidated any assets over there. Ford should do the same especially with Ford's tie up with VW. Doesn't make any sense to sell vehicles in Europe unless its Halo vehicles in Europe like the Ford Mustang and F150 Raptors and such. Just sell those through VW dealerships in Europe.