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    Did I hear Blue Oyster Cult?
  2. snoughnut

    4 stroke gurus: question

    I feel your parents pain, my cottage was burgled 6 years ago, 4 useless punks, all 18 years old. Good news is they caught the little scumbags. If I remember correctly, your place is on Lake Lucerne? Maybe it was some tontos from the Mole Lake Rez . Any way it certainly sucks, cottages are easy targets.
  3. Yeah well, he's about to get mauled by a couple grizzlies come SB Sunday and their names are Aaron Donald and DonkeyKong Suh.
  4. snoughnut

    This Punk Needs a Beating

    Hey lard ass, the net time you buy work shirts make sure you get the XXXXXL Talls so your gut doesn't hang out.
  5. snoughnut

    This Punk Needs a Beating

    Nope, your dumbass needs a smack for being to stupid to get the facts straight before starting a thread.
  6. Well, it is just a random post and this is the NFL thread, not the Brady is the GOAT thread. Shall I post a pic of the Lions achievements? Oh wait.
  7. Who are you trying to kid, that's your first visit to Lambeau, you dressed up as a Packer fan so you could fit in. I'm sure your current pic would make that one seem a bit anorexic.
  8. Go back and read my original post dummy, not once did I say anything about Rodgers being the goat. I stated my opinion that Brady wasn't the GOAT and you got butt hurt, sorry dum dum
  9. You're the one that's the loser, I'm entitled to my opinion and you were butt hurt by it.
  10. You really seem like a diehard Packer fan.....rolleyes. Snoughnut Legend
  11. As always, you started with the insults first you fat fuck, I just gave you receipt.
  12. As if you live in a utopia, you spend your entire miserable existence here and once in awhile you take your dog for a walk so he can lick peanut butter of your pud, sounds like a dreamland.
  13. snoughnut

    The rise of Satanism in America:

    After reading the title, I thought this thread was going to be about the Democrat Party.
  14. I disagree, Super Bowls are not indicative of how good one is at a position. Football is a team game and Belichick and the Patriots organization as a whole are the reason for their success and Brady was just a part. I don't think he's the GOAT at the position, he's a pocket passer, he never could run. Brady's offensive lines could be the GOAT for keeping him clean. I was amazed at how little pressure KC put on him last night, hopefully Aaron Donald and Donkey Kong Suh terrorize his ass in the SB.
  15. Oh did they ever. On the bright side, I can't wait to watch Aaron Donald terrorize Brady in the SB.
  16. For sure but not nearly as long a Hillary voter after a Trump victory. 😝