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  1. snowblind

    Donald trump. A president for everyone.

    Trump got voted in because America is sick of politicians all of them. He's a showboating bull shitter. Hopefully a better business person runs next time against useless idiot politicians
  2. Parts are still out there. Try
  3. snowblind

    ATTN Rigid1!!!!!!!!!!!

    My son has been up the last 2 weekends. Said he is done until more snow. It's very thin and limited on where there is snow
  4. I have had arterial ablation done twice for A-Fib it worked no more problems. Wish him a speedy recovery
  5. So very sorry for you and your family, hope for a speedy recovery
  6. It calms down a little after snowdeo weekend I was the main landowner contact for my club for 10 years so I know their complaints well. All hours of the night
  7. I was the main landowner contact for my club for 10 years so I know their complaints well. All hours of the night
  8. In New York there are no off trail riding. Get of the trail and you are trespassing
  9. Was at work we were just bought by another company when one of their guys came in the break room where we were all watching and says. They think they have problems. How am I supposed to get home. What an asshole. He was fired on the spot and told to walk home to Georgia
  10. snowblind

    Just put the dog down

    So very sorry for your loss. I have had to put 2 down in my life and it hurts like hell. But the memories stay with you forever. They were my kids
  11. snowblind

    Mollie Tibbetts murdered by illegal

    Trickle charge him to death might take awhile
  12. snowblind

    Tough Night

    very sorry for your loss. They are family I have had to do it twice. Sucks
  13. snowblind


    every unit had a LRRP team. Late in the war they started calling them ranger units. They didn't go to ranger school in the states. The trained in re-con. The 82nd airborne wasn't in Nam a full year. Most got reassigned to other units. My brother was in the 101st airborne during the Tet offensive carried an M60. That was a gun you didn't volunteer to carry. Everyone shoots at you first
  14. he also had bombs. Guns have been around for centuries. It is not the main problem
  15. how many "adults" on this site have had meltdowns and it's a small site. Shut down facebook and twitter