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On 2017-08-12 at 11:30 AM, Ez ryder said:


I am just holding back on a new non current because I think my next buy is a bike . I was really hoping cat was going to release theirs this season . but no only limited numbers to race program . I could get 1 through there    but only reason I wanted a cat was to skirt MN trail issues and have the ability to drive it to a gas station or from trail head to the woods .

So, did you pull the trigger on a kit?

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2 minutes ago, dirtybeacher said:

So, did you pull the trigger on a kit?

no I really need cat to come out with a non kit . in MN the fuck heads at MNUSA pushed to get bikes banned from the trail. I bitched sent some letters .I  was the topic of a few meetings on the subject lol. but long story short the old guard and there par short sighted view never imagined a oem would build a bike . so they fucked the wording that is now DNR law.

no one wants to use one on a trail but it would be nice to park at a trail head and get to where you want to go off trail and have the ability to legally drive it to go by gas .

the few race ready models available this season do not qualify.

but now I am really behind the ball in my crew 1 guy has 3 and 2 guys have 2  and there sleds . they really dont care if i use 1 of theirs for a day or afternoon when we are out west . as soon as cat brings a full bike to market I will snowcheck it 

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Ya here in Ontario it's the same thing. Bikes don't meet the requirements of the msva to be considered a snowmobile.  In my crew, all our bikes are plated, insured, and have trail permits.  The only time we ride a trail is to access crown land(public), or to tow someone out.  You wouldn't want to trail ride here anyways, too much road rash and it's not where the fun is. 

Cheaper to borrow a bike anyways!

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