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SledNH.com closing down. :(


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I'm currently in the process of selling one of our sister sites, SledNH.com. The new owner doesn't plan on keeping the forums so I have invited anyone that wants to come over to the NH forum here on FS.  Maybe a few will pop in.

Here's the post on SledNH.


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8 minutes ago, ICG said:

Sorry to see it gone....times change ,& the traffic just wasn't their.   


Thanks Carl. It was great in it's time.  I met a lot of great friends over the years through SledNH. It was also a great resource for clubs to recruit help for work parties, or donations when money or materials were badly needed.

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On 4/29/2023 at 12:25 PM, ckf said:

Has anyone from SledNH made it over? I know @Shifty has been here all along.

What a great site it was. Spent a lot of time there backinthaday and met a bunch of quality people. I still ride and/or speak with many. Thanks for the opportunity. 

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22 hours ago, pathfinder said:

Not sure I made it on. A little different than the way SledNH was set up. I'm sure there will be some migration over this way from the old site. 


Welcome,Armand :hi:

I am going to make a backup of the database and try to figure out where we can set it backup.

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In case you guys haven't noticed, SledNH.com is now the home of the NHSA. Kinda ironic considering how hard some of us have been on the association over the years.

I think that it is a great fit for them :bc:

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