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Here's a general snowmobiling question from my more formative years...  Back in the day, Polaris designed their own clutches (steel ones at first) that were so good that they set a standard to judge basically every other clutch.  There were engines and sleds that could compete, but clutching made a difference that few could compensate for.  That is, except for the Comet Duster.  It looked good and it worked good.

What I don't remember about those days is something that we take for granted now, and therein lies my query:

Could a person "tune" those old clutches, specifically the Duster?  Was that actually tunable with weights and springs like we think of tuning a clutch today?  Were they rebuildable?

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You can get all kinds of springs and weights (pucks) for them, and if you are like me, you'd get the heavy weights and drill holes to fine tune.  I must have 60 of those damn pucks and a half dozen springs.

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