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Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job


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5 hours ago, toslow said:



Not lying trudy?

So confusing - here SMITH who is in on the hate and lies PP spews out of Alberta 

She claims housing is a Provincial matter :dunno:  PP says it is federal but we know he lies all the time




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*PP paid protesters are pretty fucked up


get the camera TIK TOK your hate for Police 

Somehow this guy thinks he is saving families from starving 


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Funny how HATERS just keep looking for HATE where there is none.

Trudeau's statement was clear from day one and 100% correct



What is your tolerance for Palestine protests?  

I didn't support one thing CONVOY did


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11 hours ago, toslow said:

PP has alot of smart people in his circle unlike trudy, i guess he has jagoff

:lol: no he doesn't 

Freeland is the most knowledgeable person on International relations than anyone in Canada period, her several books written are clear 


Who will be finance Minister?  what is their background?  I'll wait  

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11 hours ago, toslow said:

paid for by PP:lol:

Yes you see these people at his RALLY's of LIES 

Never before has so much hate been brought to Canada since PP came leader of the CPC hate machine

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:lol:  Imagine a government wanting to control the ECONOMY :lol: 

Government under PP will NOT do anything for ECONOMY 

I will do nothing as PM just set out of the way - :lol: 


PP hate is getting in the way of common sense 




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PP's MEDIA is quick to make sure that you know that PP once again doesn't know this person, never heard of them, I don't agree with everything he says, never heard of him, I don't know him, I told me MEDIA TEAM to tell everyone I don't know him.


I will never say "I don't want your support and hateful views"  nope he actually agrees 100% 


What a joke Canada is coming 


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PP MEDIA still in full force today


All you need to do is tell people how horrible their life is, offer nothing and repeat how bad your life is.


the comments are 100% behind PP :lol:  


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This how you spread hate

Offer news clip

State something ridiculous 

show nothing about what happened

Call Canada a terrible place



What did this guy do to the robber?  I would love to know


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The four people pictured above represent a typical day's death toll from opioid poisonings in Alberta last year, the deadliest on record for the province. The addictive drugs claimed the lives of at least 1,706 Albertans in 2023, according to new data just released by the province's substance use surveillance system.


PP says this is awesome


Opioid poisoning deaths increase by 25% in Alberta, new data shows




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Found the video of the store clerk and of course CAnada Proud lied along with the other PP media


This clerk chased the man outside and beat him with the bat, which isn't self defense in any way shape of form.


Why not just report things truthfully - this guy will go to jail for beating a man with a bat


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