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8 hours ago, Blackstar said:

Year old paint on front clip.


So you just randomly decided to repaint only the front clip?.........lol

hood and fenders rotted so i replaced. 

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16 hours ago, steve6 said:

6 grand.. lol. Also its not a GLS, or it would have leather, and steering wheel controls. 


the vin says it is

Also, what makes you laugh at 6 grand?

Go on kijiji and find another one with my mileage and thats 97% rust free

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52 minutes ago, 04nightfire said:

What are you replacing it with 

I need another truck. Deer and moose season last year was a joke. Cant get my atv around easily. I have a million different opportunities to borrow a pickup off a buddy. But it seems every time I swallow my pride and do it, Something goes wrong. Flat tires, stuck in 4x4. anything you can think of. Thats also because all of my buddies drive fucking dodges and whoever is driving it is lucky if it starts in the morning. None of them are old tired POS truck either. Oldest one in the group is a 2011...

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