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  1. Past or present, post a snowmobile related picture that you like for whatever reason
  2. I know that some here have given up the sport. Just trying to get an idea of how many FSCE members still snowmobile.
  3. I used to average around 3,000 miles a season when I lived in NH. Since moving to Vermont is been closer to a thousand.
  4. My first snowmobile was a 1970 Ski-Doo Olympic 335. First sled I bought as an adult was a 1992 Arctic Cat Prowler. All I could find online is a pic of the long track. Mine was the standard Prowler.
  5. Is there a snowmobile speed limit in your state or province? Is it enforced? NH has a state wide speed limit of 45 mph. Fish and Game gives you 10 mph and wont ticket you unless you are going 56 mph or above. Here in VT the only speed limit is on state and federal land where the speed limit is 35 mph.
  6. What's the most miles you've done in a day? Mine was 340 miles in New Hampshire back in 2009 with my buddy Darryl (GTSE800) We started at around 8AM and finished up around 10PM that night. Here's a few photos from that trip.
  7. The snow is sticking in the UP.
  8. Another sled thread to get the juices flowing.
  9. This one is still one of my favorites even though it's old school. What are some of your favorites?
  10. The 2016 VAST annual report is available to view on the VAST website. http://vtvast.org/flipbook/annualmeeting16/index.html?page=1
  11. The snowmobile trails around here in the NEK of VT officially open December 16th provided there is enough snow for them to open. I have ridden before Xmas 2 out of the 3 seasons I've lived here. However, the good riding doesn't usually begin until after New Years.
  12. Any of you guys in the Midwest planning to attend Hay Days?
  13. What was your favorite sled? I really enjoy my more modern Ski Doo XP chassis sled, but have to say my 03 F7 was probably at the top of my list. No it didn't handle all that great, or ride very good, but man would that thing go when you pushed the loud handle
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