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  1. Poncho

    2022 Doo Lineup

    Apparently not all on this thread.....
  2. Poncho

    2022 Doo Lineup

    It will be close to 30K for a Mach out the door in Canada......
  3. Yep, it’s like talking to a 12 year old......no idea...but his shrill won’t stop because he is a lefty.....they are never wrong
  4. I’ve called him Trailtroll for sometime. The ON forum is run by his retarded trolls. Pretty much destroyed the forum.
  5. Still no reason for it...but if it does people will loose their land in most cases. That won’t be addressed in any news release.
  6. Was a Puzzleboy photoshop....against O2. Funny shit
  7. You think.....thanks Captain Obvious.....
  8. Tomorrow would be nice.....enough of this bull shit
  9. 2022 more likely. Little Potato really fucked up with trusting his China bed side hero’s
  10. Heading up Feb 22 for another ride when restaurants open.
  11. We rode 300 miles in 2 days from my place in Griffith. Trails good, No stops and no issues. Plenty of sledders out. It is sad there was nothing open, completely unnecessary, but we complied. We saw groups of 10 but, it’s not an issue unless you are a Karen, like Trail and his woke left.
  12. Frosty normally you burn them.......
  13. Sean I’m planning to head my place in Griffith for a ride Thursday through Sunday. There are four (total) in my group. Will we face any police interaction, other than typical, trail pass, ownership, licence checks and/or will there by any travel restrictions fines laid as a result. Any info would help. Thanks
  14. He will shut them down by his new border rules you idiot. You can’t be that stupid
  15. There is bigger plan; your boyfriend wants one airline. It’s all part of his Climate bull shit, he now has puppet Joek Biden to back his every move......very likely AC will be the one to survive, as it’s a Quebec based company. Tax dollars to be made when all your rich Barrie neighbours are locked in hotels at a minimum of $2000.00. Lol. As for Canada the boy will finish the job his dad started.....the downfall of western society
  16. It’s true, next year this time you can apologize
  17. Aviation is not the problem....about 2 %. Just open everything up and be done with it
  18. Yes a complete waste but the media and doctors making 500K prefer it is this way. After all stay safe
  19. The Bernie thing is left wing stupid....stop posting Bernietard shit.
  20. The season will be lost. Complete BS
  21. Poncho


    I think the Russia game was Canada’s kiss of death. Either way USA has a good team and we lost again.
  22. I guess Pierre must resign too....money he gets away with it https://globalnews.ca/news/7546401/pierre-arcand-vacation-barbados-coronavirus/
  23. I guess you forgot in April when he told everyone to stay home and he took the family on a ski holiday. Regardless of where you go, out of country, or in, his message was clear, stay home, but your hero took his family on a holiday. You can twist it your way.
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