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  1. There is a reason people in the know finally quit trying to help.
  2. Valve / cam cover gasket seals the spark plug tubes, gasket starts to go bad, oil accumulates in the holes and shorts out the coil(s). Video above is nice n all but falls short of telling you the most important part to blow clean, plug hole after you remove the coil / before plug comes out.
  3. +1 on likely a coil pack, same for spray with water to figure out which one. Also common to have valve cover leaking oil, accumulates in the plug hole n shorts the coil out.
  4. In my case, multiple end over end flips ended in knocked out cold.
  5. I see Quebec is stepping up the program n towing or impounding those insisting on being can equipped. So many cry a river about more enforcement but don't have enough brains to be part of the solution vs part of the problem.
  6. Straight forward to fix most of it, boycott any and all business's that sell cans and refuse to ride with anyone that has one. Same goes for that one fawker in the group that just can't stay on the trail, tell him to fuck off.
  7. Yes very common to see a good number of trucks n trailers parked there, rail line trail runs along edge of it.
  8. New ones cheap here / lots of used ones on Kijiji. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-snowmobile-parts-trailer-accessories/barrie/ski-doo-pilot-5-7-ski-replacement-upgrade-kit/1327550342?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  9. Avalanche Extreme, highly underrated tire that does nothing but perform. Have also run Coopers equivalent (Discoverer M&S), a great tire but Av Ext edges it out in snow.
  10. Thank you for the above. Have a neighbor down the street who is a constant nuisance with his drone in the summer flying in and around backyards including my own.
  11. ZRSledhead


    In spite of complications, yes I'd do eye surgery again.
  12. Even though FS and OC are at polar opposite ends of the spectrum, doesn't make one better or worse vs the other.
  13. I currently own 3 HJC helmets, all of which are XL and fit me correctly, my snow version CL14 is getting long in the tooth, time to replace. Strolled into Royal Dist, while they don't carry CL17 in the snow version (yes HJC makes it / no I didn't care it would cost me most to add elec shield) I walked over to the motorcycle section and pulled an XL off the shelf. Not a chance that was going over my melon, neither was a 2X, the 3X did but was brutally tight above my brow, this is what led me to try two more 3X of the exact same model. No two fit anywhere close to the other, none fit me corr
  14. Irv, good point on modulars, searched but never found one with anything above DOT rating.
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