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  1. https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/4013835-naacp-issues-travel-warning-in-florida-the-state-has-become-hostile-to-black-americans/
  2. I don't know how these people even afford to go there. Especially if they are eating in there!
  3. spot on, plus there was no welfare and free everything back then. If you didn't work you didn't eat!
  4. Wow, didn’t take long for the media to spin their narrative!
  5. Would still love to see a Biden press conference that wasn't scripted or vetted.
  6. that would sway a lot of Dems to vote for him!
  7. Without the liberal fake news media, Biden wouldn’t be in the White House.
  8. Of coarse corporate greed is up with the Biden Administration. The Dems love big Corporations and Big Corporations love the Dems.
  9. I have lost almost all faith in our healthcare system. Most new cases of diabetes could be prevented with the proper diet. Proper as in Eggs, meat, and low carb foods, which is exactly what the FDA doesn't recommend you eat!
  10. You probably aren't far off unfortunately. Lately the riding season in NWL Michigan is about 3 weeks. Hard to get excited about spending any $ on snowmobiling.
  11. I'm normally super excited about seeing what the Manufacturer's come up with, but this shitty winter has really put a damper on things.
  12. Unfortunately the main stream media refuses to talk about systemic fatherless homes. It's always systemic racism.
  13. If the vaccine is truly killing people, they better make a formula so it doesn't kill the population off. They need to have customers left that want these vaccines!
  14. No surprise since most people who received the original vax lost immunity over a year ago.
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