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  1. Good, I hope you are just as happy when Hunter goes down on all of his tax fraud charges too.
  2. Seems like the 2nd generation Hispanics in my area are all leaning towards the Right nowadays.
  3. complete joke, what kind of drugs do they feed him when he has to to talk or actually make an appearance of mainstream media?
  4. Been trying to tell my Union friends for years. They are living in the old days when the Dems were supposedly for the working man. Now they are for the people who don't want to work, the Elites and huge Corporations.
  5. The other problem is that American's eat like shit. Most people eat way too much sugar, processed carbs and sugary drinks on top of little to no excercise. The food industry is in bed with big Pharma.
  6. Trump needs to go back to the Democrat party!
  7. What high quality candidates do the dem's have?
  8. I agree Bontz, Trump is done. The fact he is attacking DeSantis and Youngkin is bullshit. Obviously he feels threatened by them in case they decide to run in 2024. My biggest fear is that he decides to go Independent in 2024, if that happens the Republicans will have absolutely NO chance.
  9. perfect timing, right after the election. Well played Democrats!
  10. I would agree, but seriously this debt or all of Europe's debt is never getting paid back.
  11. All that wasteful spending should have stopped many years ago. I don't think we can stop from defaulting.
  12. It is so high at this point, it is impossible to ever pay it back. Defaulting on it is the only way it goes away What that looks like, I'm not sure?
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