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  1. Oh, it was definitely planned! Planned by the Dems!
  2. It seems like they had a bad batch of lifters on trucks that were built between November and April 2021.
  3. Looks like they made a mistake! https://www.freep.com/story/money/personal-finance/susan-tompor/2022/01/24/wrong-dollar-amount-child-tax-credit-letter-6419/9202334002/
  4. Not surprised at all at the outcome. I thought UM would be more competitive, but GA ran away from the start and never looked back. As a ND fan I know how it feels to play these teams from the South.
  5. Both were Unvaxxed and the 40 year old would have fit in here perfect believing most of the conspiracy theories regarding the vaccines. This strain in our area is really reeking havoc, I was like most of you skeptic on all of this and barely believing it was a crisis till a few months ago.
  6. Same here, are you in MI? One of my best friend's wife died last night at 55 and one of my 40 year old co-workers is on a ventilator fighting for his life. This is NO joke.
  7. Friends that have them really like them.
  8. They are lucky, most cases around our area have been bad. It has taken the average person that I know 2 weeks for recovery.
  9. I’m not sure what all of the arguing is about, either get the shots or don’t. One of my best friend’s wife is going on her 3rd week on a ventilator (kidneys are starting to fail now)and one of my co workers ( 40 years old in great shape) is also in his 2nd week in the ICU. Both are un vaxxed and said they wouldn’t take it. My cousin who is 40 was un vaxxed got COVID and now has long COVID that has given her a brain condition similar to dementia. This bio weapon disease is way worse than many think.
  10. That’s what I did. Basically the J&J just isn’t as effective.
  11. Howard has been nothing but a mouthpiece for the LEFT since he went to XM 16 years ago.
  12. We knew that was gonna happen. About time everyone starts spreading the truth.
  13. A) Electric cars have far fewer parts that are made in some far away country and shipped here B) Robots will (yes WILL) replace assembly line labor in many areas of a plant C) Far Away factories are far dirtier than the US factories and have cheaper labor
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