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  1. Masks must be worn on federal ground at all times...... well maybe starting tomorrow,,
  2. at your top speed are you still pulling the 8100rpm or is it dropping off? make absolutely sure the tiny pulse hole in the cylinder for your ev are clean.Very common for one to get plugged and that valve stop working..The 800 is supposed to pull 8150-8250 so I would start there.Of course check rollers in Primary clutch . You could gain a little by gearing down but you are runnin 1.91 gearing now which should be ok for a 144x2 track.. which track is it? I have had people put full lug tracks on and loose top end big time because the resistance the track created in the tunnel.
  3. 1972 Yamaha sl 292 my dad bought new for me that year..haven't had a year without at least one sled since then.
  4. Right out my back door..Love to come home from work and unwind every night with a short 30-50 mile ride..
  5. Just got here from HCS.. haven't posted over there in years because my password quit working and when I tried to fix it they claimed i never had an account.. I have a garage full of sleds and quite a few Vintage and also mods sleds..
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