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  1. They just don't sell enough sleds. There are too many leftover models. When you can still buy 2015 models at pretty much any yamaha dealer in southern ontario, there is a problem. Of course you aren't helping Irv by still riding your old iron. You need to ride the Cat version to see how far they have come. They are way more comfortable to ride and have a much better suspension. Of course they have the same great motors too. But as I read elsewhere, just so you can keep your blue underwear, maybe Yamaha will take the sled business off of Textron and Cat will be gone?
  2. Looks like Yamaha are done. First they quit making sleds and now with the paring down of their line up, it doesn't look good. All the sleds are Cats now (with the exception of the workhorse) but it is a limited line up. They aren't even offering a Touring sled and they aren't offering the adjustable shock except for spring order....Too bad. Hopefully they keep supplying motors but with all the changes at Cat, Cat may decide to make/ use their own. With their great motors, its too bad they couldn't figure out ( or didn't care to figure out) how to advance their chassis.
  3. not really, I think I just had it priced right
  4. For anyone that has the Skidoo 2 up seat, there is a real good market on Kijiji for them. Sold it in less than 10 minutes and had 6 replies in the first minute...
  5. I have the full set up on the 2017 Enduro 1200 I just bought. It also has the heated grip kit. It looks like it retails for over $1300 including tax. The sled has less than 600 kms on it and the seat looks like it has not been used. Its unlikely I will use it and will probably sell it. PM me if you are interested... I am in Newcastle, just east of Oshawa
  6. I too have been sledding around the province for more than 30 years and can count on 1 hand how many times I have been stopped by police. Once in North Bay, we actually had to do a breathalyzer. I had a beer before leaving the motel and I guess the officer smelled it. I blew .000. He was a bit of an ass, but I can only imagine what he encounters on the trail. Once I had to show paperwork in the Ganny and a couple other times it was just a slow down so they could see me stickers. I believe both of those times it was Odot though. I will add that I try to do most of my riding thru the week.
  7. I waited all day for the Ganny to open. But it didn't happen til around 5pm. We are heading to Haliburton on Sunday though....
  8. pretty sure if it says Yamaha on it, you guys in blue underwear think it is way, way better! Even though Yamaha doesn't manufacture it. They don't even make their own sleds anymore! lol
  9. a bit of both. I just find the kit giving me everything i need is convenient and in the overall scheme of things is cheap.
  10. yep, 1200 Skidoo kit is $80 for synthetic, filter and new drain plug seals, the about same as getting my Toyota done at the dealer, except it takes 8 liters of synthetic and they do it!
  11. Hopefully we will still be able to get from the parking lot to the tunnel?
  12. barberch

    It has begun

    This is how i will remember Cliff. He always had a smile when he came up to see me in the Control Room. RIP
  13. barberch

    It has begun

    Heard about it just before I left work. Cliff works there too and although I don't know him well, he is a nice guy and I hope he pulls thru
  14. have you checked out RV shops? https://www.go-rv.com/coast/do/catalog/page?dealerId=3449&pageNum=310
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