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  1. 2019 Polaris reveal

    Glad to see you made it to the reveal Puzzler. Whose your Buddy? Nice dance moves. You two make a nice couple.
  2. Sudbury

    I used to give you more credit... Anyways....don’t work too hard this week... Back to the Super Bowl
  3. Sudbury

    Must have had over 20 sleds cross our property (which we have allowed the OFSC to use for many years) on closed OFSC trails on Sat...good thing Constable Puzzle wasn’t there... Not trailering anywhere...riding sleds from my own property on the OFSC trail Go take your meds, you obviously missed today’s dose...and maybe yesterday’s...lmao
  4. Sudbury

    Still trolling... I'm going riding all week...I’d invite you but you probably have to go to work
  5. Sudbury

    You completely missed my point....not surprised...
  6. Sudbury

    Nowhere when I purchased a trail permit does it say that I required internet and an electronic device to determine if the trails are open. If the gates are not closed and there are not signs posted saying it’s isn’t. The guide is.......a guide
  7. New Doo 600

    $1600 more than a 2018 XCR 600 and $300 more than a 2018 XCR 800....does it at least have a pull cord in case the Battery dies for that price?
  8. Quebec storm

    I think the Polaris's ran out of gas.... If it wasn't the Quebec Police I might have almost believed the Puzzle edit.. Luckily the private citizens were driving 850s so there was no need for any lighters or fire wood to start a fire after they "swam" through the snow to arrive at the of the 850s just ignited as per usual....
  9. Winter 2017

    Yep, probably one or two good weekends left...unfortunately I've got this thing called work that will interfere with sledding plans...amazing how you get so much time off, must be nice....
  10. Winter 2017

    Look who just woke up... You missed the point of the post entirely, but somehow I'm not are in a yellow rage. I could go on and on...but why bother??...see ya next
  11. Winter 2017

    Just to clarify the alternative facts from the esteemed Mr Puzzler, who may have cracked 300 miles on his sled this year, but far more on his keyboard, I was said Polaris driver looking for oil. The weekend before I had completed an over 200 mile trip and we had left sleds on the trailer but filled them with gas (can't remember if we had stopped for gas anywhere on that trip ....I may have gotten 200 miles from 1 tank....just one would be delusional enough to claim that type of mileage on any sled...lmao) and I did not top up with oil. Now....we were trailering a week later and I forgot that I hadn't topped up with oil. Upon reaching our launch point I sourced some oil to take with me as we were looking at another 200 mile day. I never used the oil ...still have it. 400 miles and never had to add any. I do remember driving with a certain XRS ridden by a belted wonder that required its coolant topped up prior to every trip. Guess that's been forgotten in the vortex. Ridden most of the sleds out there and can say that they all have there pluses and minuses, but whatever you like best is what you buy...whether it's brand loyalty, performance, aesthetics, handling, fuel economy etc ..whatever floats your boat. Mr Putzlers claims about market leader means nothing about the quality or performance of the sled...just that they sold more. Is Corvette or Baja the market leader in sports cars or boat sales Mr Puzzle?
  12. Winter 2017 does say that on my profile... Been riding my 800 since 2015, when new, and had another 2011 800 (still have it as well) before that. The 2015 Polaris 800 Pro S Rush gets considerably better mileage than my 2011 Polaris 800 Pro R Rush. The newer Polaris 800 engine is much more efficient. Ride 1500-2000 miles a year and rode with a guy who had an 800 ETEC and then a 1200 (and it's not Puzzler, but he's also caught in a similar and I consistently got similar mileage to the 800 but better mileage than the 1200....compared over an extensive time riding together. Also haven't blown a belt since 1999, but I did see a guy out on White Lake blow one on an XRS once....
  13. Winter 2017

    It was 228 miles in all your previous posts in this thread...keep your BS straight son...go take your meds and go back to reading Snow Goer in the basement with the Gimp...
  14. Snowmobile storage racks

    These would be perfect for storing your collection of Blizzards...
  15. Yamaha Sidewinder

    It's true...I saw's a shot of the tree