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  1. hayward

    Learned something...

    he's likely to tell anler, that if the person that he bought the opener from didn't give him the owners manual, to return the whole damn thing and demand his money back.
  2. The poor old lady at the table looking up names, searched and searched until finally 'vince' pulls out his voter registration card, and low and behold, old Martha looks at it and says "this isn't polk township honey". Seriously, if you don't know which township you live in, should you really be voting?
  3. 10 mins. here. Dumb fuking guido wannabe in front of me had the wrong township. Idiot.
  4. hayward

    Is another silent red wave coming?

    No, it's your perception that he is admired here. And I don't honestly know how you feel better about such bullshit thoughts, I really don't.
  5. hayward

    I Luv it

    still not as bad as our local school district...
  6. Best thing to do now would be to pull out EVERYTHING, leaving with our tail between our legs and admitting defeat, and hopefully that'll please everyone their and both sides can just stick to their own for a while.
  7. Don't know why, but Moto first showed up in my mind while reading this part.
  8. Yep, he didn't do a damn thing to make it harder on insurance companys at all. He made the cheapest route to go, through the govt' program. All these other smaller groups that a person could become a part of got broken up, and there was no bargaining power any more for cheaper insurance rates. Then the whole in network-out of network rigamorole. I'd still like to see what opening up state lines and more competition would do. What would we have to lose?
  9. Up until the subsidy kicked in, yes. It did nothing to stifle high premiums, unless you chose an out of this world high out of pocket deductable.
  10. what in the sam hell does this have to do with Trump? I fail to see it. You're reaching beyond your limits man.