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  1. Faggot ass farmers

    they ain't feeding anybody either. They're pets for christ's sake, and those people buy the chicken they consume at a store.
  2. I think I heard they're starting to get their feet a little bit wet with the idea, but not exactly sure on that.
  3. Looks like Mexico may be shopping else-where. That link I posted, doesn't really say that those were import numbers from u.s. corn only, could have been total import from everywhere else including u.s. Some of this shit is confusing and hard to sift through. And then, who's numbers does one really believe? Corn will continue to be cheap no matter what until there's a major weather problem someplace that effects yeild. That's just my opinion.
  4. Hey Slinger, I know this is off topic, but I thought Mexico wasn't going to import any more corn from the u.s. in 2017? https://www.indexmundi.com/agriculture/?country=mx&commodity=corn&graph=imports
  5. Sorghum is NON-GMO, that's why the demand is there for it from china in the first place. They'll take it, cause they ain't gonna get it anywhere's else.
  6. Vince, yours?

    that's pretty cute, nothing like the older generations and the new communicating. It's neat this day in age to be able to record and keep stuff like this to remember by. I just hope they weren't trying to figure out who the man of the house was going to wack next....
  7. Barbara Bush has died

    It's behn's shtick. If he suddenly stopped, we'd get worried that there's something really going wrong with him.
  8. Barbara Bush has died

    truely odd I must agree....
  9. Uh oh, looks like everyone sleeping at the Bilagio next year will have an opened pocketknife under their pillow and one eye open at all hours of the night....
  10. somewhere in another thread I think I read where you declared their's nothing likely to come out of all of this Cohen or Cohen/Hannity deal? So what 'interesting' things are yet to come out? Lotta nosey people working on this already for 2+ years and still nothing sticks to anything. Nothing's going anywhere most likely and you know it. All this is doing is trying to steer people's minds before the next election comes rolling around, and in the mean time, it distracts the man and his administration from doing the jobs they were elected to do. Bottom line, these people that you feed off of, are fucking over the american people one day after another after another after another.....you's are no worse than the same people that did it to Obama when he was in office that you railed against for doing it.
  11. The farmer could possibly be recieving a grant from the govt., especially if it's "energy savings" drying type bin. Not saying he is, just pointing out the possibility. So if it's 50% in tax credit's, technically it's only $2500 more out of his pocket. Not a make or brake deal IMHO. Even $5,000 isn't too serious, when you're spending $50,000. Lot of bin manufacturers out there to shop around as well. Ag is real touchy right now. Lot of ifs and if nots looking into the future. Pins and needles.
  12. Don't even begin to tell me he's another one of those melodramatic crock wearing mother fuckers?
  13. smart wife. took his phone from him upon lift off i'd bet.