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  1. hayward

    Am I Bitter...Poll

    x 2. I like to avoid confrontation.
  2. hayward

    Am I Bitter...Poll

    It might just be the paint fumes.....
  3. hayward

    Da Bears

    x2 His documentary may very well be the next replacement for ESPN's repeated Steve Bartman episode. Seriously after the game I really felt bad for the guy. And the Bears.
  4. hayward

    Why Is...

    what's the big ancestory joke? What I miss?
  5. hayward

    Why Is...

    dude you have poor reading comprehension. Out of all the vet's on this site xtra is the hardest critic on trump.
  6. hayward

    Lesson Learned

    If true, neat! The only thing wrong was the guy that landed on the hood should have first ran one right through the radiator.
  7. hayward

    What did ya get?

  8. We have 1 left in our county, and he's 80-something, and milks about 12 cows. Can't believe the milk truck travels all the way from where ever it comes from to pick it up. We're in Monroe. Are you in Tioga or east of there? And good on you for lending your land. Beleive me, he ain't getting rich.
  9. Alot of bean harvest has still been going on around the country due to inclement weather. Perhaps guys are waiting till they are finished up before giving fsa a final tally on bushels? I think it's what, $1.40 and change/bushel payout? Corn is a penny I think.
  10. I'm not going to argue with what you're saying, but if it's one thing we farmers are good at, is spending every dime we take in and then some, thus putting it right back into the economy. All in all, it's a pretty good investment made by the u.s. govt. I was under the impression high time to sell beans started back in the middle of September and runs until the end of the year when brazil starts their harvest. And from what i've heard so far, the crop in Brazil is kick-ass. Still don't know for sure if they've gotten much better at transporting them to the port for shipment, though. That's always been a known problem. It's a wonder the chinese havn't helped them out on that yet, or maybe they are?
  11. hayward

    Everythangs Corrupt

    "that nigas russian intelligence"
  12. hayward

    The Situation in France.

    I'd like to do this to some people's own houses. Fuck urban sprawl.