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  1. even worse, they actually started liking him the second it went public that he had a terminal disease.
  2. hayward

    Vlad Doesn't Fuck Around

    now that is proper gov't involvement.
  3. just be glad you're not on Sludgey's list tonight. He's cleaning house. I'm just gonna stand over here and admire him.
  4. i'll only waste 1 post on here toward you on this topic, and should actually cover all topics you yourself post in today. Eat a bullet, and make it count!
  5. I must have missed it. What exactly was the verbiage?
  6. hayward

    Yammi tank.

    You sent Snacks to ride it for you? That was a good way to save yourself money I guess.
  7. hayward

    Bunch of 2020 Sleds

    Nice pics Sludgey! Man, I'll be honest, I don't like anything new.
  8. hayward

    Yammi tank.

    Snacks maybe has deep pockets.
  9. he is. Ain't it a neat concept?
  10. hayward

    Yammi tank.

    Uh oh Ticker, you better hurry up and put some money down. Snacks knows where it's at and it's still up for grabs...
  11. Trump needs to come up with some more $ for the MIC. Fur chryst's sake, even the modern day old order black amish buggies are now sporting state of the art reflective tape....
  12. who said anything about rocket science? It's a complicated nightmare and if you can't fix it, yeah you're gonna sit there till someone does. And what happens when such controls, sensors, software programs fault the flight of the plane, and there sits the pilot who can't control it because in reality, the technology won't allow him/her to have physical control?
  13. Well, Im not saying i'll fall in line with what he says, but I will say one thing, technology, in farming, can be a real frustrating son of bitch at times, and really fucking costly when you can't fix it yourself and have to pay someone else to. It's great when it works, but when it don't, oh man.... same with vehicles
  14. hayward

    Pelosi rules out impeachment

    it's a short bus.
  15. hayward

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    Yup, nothing a louisville slugger upside the coccanut wouldn't fix. Fuckn idiots.