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  1. The question is who will America or Israel attack
  2. One of the few timeless songs to come out of the “80’s.
  3. Nirvana did change music. It drove music out of the pathetic “80’s and into something new. That decade is virtually devoid of quality music. I can’t stand GNR. Never could warm up to that band.
  4. It would be far better to move to a lower wage and load them up on retirement benefits. Most teachers are scorched by the time they hit 50. Fried. Burned out. Still, teachers ought to be well paid.
  5. Cool stuff for drummers
  6. Mattis is going going gone

    I’m surprised he’s hung in there this long. Love of country only goes so far when working for an idiot. Mattis has always been a big state dept guy. Trump has all but gutted it.
  7. Eat the Elephant

    No one knows sheep better than you.
  8. Fuck Yeti Coolers

    Oh well that settles it.
  9. Fuck Yeti Coolers

    You’re right behind cervix
  10. Fuck Yeti Coolers

    Im amazed how grown men are so easily fooled. One post from Facebook and you’re like teenagers following one another.
  11. Eat the Elephant

    The boys are performing on jimmy kimmel tonight.
  12. Fuck Yeti Coolers

    The more I read about this the more it sounds like a shakedown by the cunts at the NRA. They’re pissed because yeti isn’t donating to their foundation. Fucking mob mentality. The nra sucks.