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  1. SMH if the chiefs won the toss and scored a TD you guys wouldn’t have said a peep about the rule. Problem with doing it the college way is the teams are already gassed and a lot of those OT college games drag on forever.
  2. rump-rider

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    Incredible day today
  3. rump-rider

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    Great riding yesterday and it’s looking like 1’+ for Sunday’s storm.
  4. rump-rider

    gas prices, what are you paying

    2.55 at home in upstate ny, 2.18 at camp in nh I care about the price because I have a truck, sled, atv, boat, and a little side mowing business. My life kind of runs on gas.
  5. rump-rider

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    Awesome looking sled
  6. rump-rider

    1000 ftlbs and a gaudy interior.

    So just like the 1/2 tons, the power wagon/rebel are awesome looking and the rest of them look like absolute shit. I like the interiors though.
  7. rump-rider

    Doo 850

    I predict Ben will be on a 900 ace turbo next year. I need to save some of his quotes about it for future use. He already flip flopped on the 850 in a span of like 2 weeks.
  8. rump-rider


    They better be good because they're a lot of money. I've been wanting them but just don't feel like dropping $400 on skis. I've been running 6" sly dogs on various sleds since about 2008. I must have like 20k miles on them and they're still in decent shape. It's funny because the plastic is so flexible and they chatter on hardback/ice but the bottoms show very little wear compared to used pilots. I love the flotation of them too. Anyone know where to buy 6.9's since they don't make them anymore?
  9. How dare they mention both those statistics right next to each other. People might actually think that there's a connection there.
  10. rump-rider

    Here You Go Packer Fans...New HC

    The fuck are the packers thinking? Not only was the titans offense anemic, but Marriotta has not progressed as a QB like he should have. The guy has a lot of talent.
  11. rump-rider

    Arctic Cat owners

    Hilarious Why do so many people lose 1/2 their brain cells when they jump on a sled. I mean the sport is relaxing but you still have to think a little. And it amazes me how many trail riders still don’t use studs or at least a pre-studded track.
  12. rump-rider

    Fucking Cat 1000

    A 900 turbo would be easy to start.
  13. rump-rider

    What did ya get?

    New GPS for sledding and wheeling, work gloves, hat, and a neat little flashlight.
  14. rump-rider

    Poo 850’s owners are gonna be pissed.

    That sucks and it’s the reason why I put up with heavy ass 4 strokes.
  15. rump-rider

    Ski Doo 900 ace turbo!

    I saw a lot of 900 Turbos on the trail today, I think they're going to be pretty popular. I was not happy with the demo I rode last spring so I'm anxious to try a production model.