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  1. rump-rider

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    I figured camoplast was discontinuing the Rip 1 and Doo was just buying them in bulk cheaper than the 2 but maybe not the case. I’ve put 12k each on my last 2, with studs, and they’ve lasted. My current one looks like it’s in good shape although if I was keeping the sled I’d prob get a new one just in case.
  2. rump-rider

    Big Ten Champs!

    The intensity of college is unmatched. Pros play for the money and it shows. This is especially true in basketball. The NBA is full of cocky show offs like lebron james. March madness is a lot more fun to watch.
  3. rump-rider

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    I took the free ice ripper upgrade deal so I saved quite a bit over doing a track swap and don't have the hassle. I hear a lot of people rave over the ripsaw 2 but I don't do any off trail and the 1 is really durable and fine on hardpack. Hopefully Doo wakes up and offers better tracks soon.
  4. rump-rider

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    Done deal. Ice ripper 1.5, medium windshield, mirrors, 2" riser, transferring all the other stuff from my old sled, and I chose the June-September delivery so I can at least sit on it and play with it in the garage.
  5. rump-rider

    New Ski-Doo's

    The only widespread issue is the frozen steering. Sounds like the filter will solve it and of course if you’re not tailgating someone it won’t be an issue regardless. It’s the most reliable performance sled for ‘20 hands down.
  6. Not sure why they’re rushing it when the C7 is kicking so much ass, and is sexy as fuck too.
  7. rump-rider

    Beto Throws Hat into The Ring

    The golden boy
  8. rump-rider

    Yammi tank.

    I had an 09 shorty. It was a love/hate sled. Lots of quirks to it, biggest being the handling. It darted a lot which you can minimize with some adjustments or different ski/carbide setup. It won’t ever rail corners though because it has a high COG. Gas tank is small, ice buildup, it overheated a lot, burned through slides, steering post had a weird angle, no storage, and the gauges are small. On the bright side they are really fun to ride because of the motor and how good it is in big bumps for a 4 stroke. Seating position is awesome. Great fuel mileage too.
  9. rump-rider

    850 Doo is seriously legit

    You just completely contradicted yourself The adrenaline also has the old school analog gauges. This is the real Jesus sled
  10. I’m at 2500 and the old 4 tec is getting close to 11k. Almost turbo time.
  11. rump-rider

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    Incredible 3 days of riding topped off with my club’s steak feed today.
  12. rump-rider

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    The green looks better in person but the red doesn’t go with it at all. I’m tired of black sleds but Doo leaves no other choice.
  13. rump-rider

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    Sweet sled snacks but it’s been 2 hours, you probably sold it by now.
  14. rump-rider

    Yamaha 2020.

    Is the red 2-up in the ProCross chassis the new sled?
  15. Not everyone has interstate wide and straight trails to need a 150-200 hp rocket ship. And why settle for the unneeded extra HP when you have to spend $15k on it and run 91 octane and the thing weighs a ton. I 100% disagree. I rarely see Sidewinders on the trails. They’re just not practical unless you ride Quebec. I see far more 1200’s, vectors, 1100’s, even the old T660 turbos still floating around and those sleds are all discontinued now and had their flaws so what does that say? I think the 09 TNT 1200 was 499 lbs dry. It’s a 1000 ace HO with 120-130hp 480 lbs not reasonable?