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  1. rump-rider

    Remember Goldberg on HCS?

    What about AP12? Lots of personalities from the original HCS and FS that I miss and I wonder what happened to them.
  2. Great news. Maybe Trump can get rid of ethanol next. If he does that he'll automatically be the greatest prez ever!!!
  3. rump-rider

    Jet is a real faggot

    I would guess over 80% of trail sleds in the northeast are studded or have ice rippers. The 20% that don't are idiots. We get so much ice here from the wild temperature swings. I'm considering an ice ripper/cobra for my next sled but even that kinda scares me. I'm just looking for ways to cut weight since Ski-Doo doesn't want to.
  4. They're all from NH. My parents bought a camp over there last year so I decided not to register in NY or VT this season.
  5. Awesome pics old Indy! It pains me stopping to take pics while the riding is good but I still do it because I love looking back at them over the years. Some of my faves from this year...
  6. Yesterday was my last ride of the season. Still some snow left but hard to access it without riding through mud and plowed logging roads. Then it's doing circles. Plus I've got work to do. I've only spent one weekend home since mid December. 3366 miles on the year.
  7. I like how they've been using multiple backs with different styles and it also keeps them fresh and healthy. Gillislee, white, and burkhead if they sign him, would still make an ok running game, but Lewis was by far the best one.
  8. Losing Dion Lewis absolutely blows.
  9. rump-rider

    What's for dinner???

    Chuck eye steaks.
  10. Did that Dyno test just come out or have Cat and the rags like supertrax just trying to sweep it under the rug?
  11. Plus you'd be screwed if it blew up on your big trip. Season is short enough...
  12. rump-rider

    Spring checking sleds

    Doo pretty much forces you to snowcheck if you want a fucking digital gauge. Assholes.
  13. Some from last week. Might get another Nor'easter this week. 10 days ago I thought we were done. What a turn around
  14. I sort of agree with him. I rode a Gade X and Gade adrenaline and the X seemed to be clutched better or whatever but it felt quicker. The suspension was also set up a lot better. I guess you can't really judge these pre-production demo units. But the sled didn't blow me away enough to make me trade in my 1200 this year. Gonna prolly save and think another year. Problem is, not much to choose from out there. I want a 10k+ mile sled between 120-150 hp so there's the 900 turbo and the Viper. I heard there's only 1 Viper model being made this year so next year who knows. That leaves me with the 900 or a 600 2 stroke. Not sure I want to hold my breath again even with a 600. It boggles my mind why Polaris won't get in the 4 stroke game. They'd do so well...