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Looking for my first ride of the season near Plymouth west metro

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I'm north of Grand Rapids and there isn't enough snow up here yet.  Not sure if there's enough anywhere in MN.  Maybe the North Shore - they got more snow than we did before the warmup last week.


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I don't think you're going to find more than that anywhere, with the exception of the North Shore, because they got some lake effect maybe 2 weeks ago.  Not sure what they have now.  I forgot about the storm that hit the Twin Cities and southern MN - we only got a dusting from it.

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There is plenty of snow on the luce line to ride on, ive been going up and down it testing out my machines.  I'm an not sure how the trails are off of the luce line.  Plenty of parking lots along the luce line every couple of miles.

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5 hours ago, Deephaven said:

The luce line isn't riding.  If that is what riding was I wouldn't own a sled.

I've noticed you have some weird vendetta against or triggering every time luce line trail is mentioned.  It's a rail bed trail.  It is what it is.  Nobody is out riding railbed trails because that's the main event of their ride.  But the luce line is an incredible asset to west Hennepin and wright county trails.  It is a great place for people to park, travel the luce line to get to a place they want to ride whether it's other trails that branch directly off of it or some of the fun ditches around or the crow river access or lake Minnetonka access or traveling to bars and restaurants along the trail or for fun family rides, lots of grassroots riding of families and two up machines and just locals traveling around to friends places or whatever, I can ride to buddies houses via the Luce Line.  It is awesome for testing out your machines locally in the early season or if you make changes to your machine.  Whatever.  Riding the horse trail is fun too.  It's just weird how you always have to be vocal against it every time it's mentioned.  If the Luce line closed to snowmobiles it would tank the entire snowmobile culture in the whole area, it has to be in the top two highest traveled trails in the state.  

The op could ride it untill he finds fun ditches that cross it and hit a ditch and then travel to the next one.  Yes it's not a place for all your super hardcore assault bros to do your super hardcore epic bro trail rides.  That's fine.

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