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Need a Dodge/Washington County Trail Report


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Was wondering if anyone has a first hand report on the Dodge/Washington County trails.  Considering a trip south as my kids are chomping at the bit for a ride.  Any insight appreciated!

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I'll decide when I get up tomorrow, but I'll either be riding from Ozaukee county in to Sheboygan county or Ozaukee in to Washington county.  From what I can see from the road on my way to work this morning there's good snow coverage in the Portwashigton area, but not groomed yet. I'm sure they'll be out today or tonight grooming.

About 20" of snow by me in Saukville.


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Got to Jackson in Washington county and turned around, trails were junk.  Went back in to Ozaukee up in to Sheboygan county and the trails were good.  I won't be going back to Washington county unless we get more snow.


Where in NE WI are you?  We have a place in the Pembne area.

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I'm in Marinette.  Hopefully we actually get some snow Thursday and can ride local.  Did the UP last weekend and the traffic was insane.  Plus I'd like to avoid two more MI trail passes if possible.  Ride Pembine/Wausaukee/Crivitz quite a bit.  The last few years have ridden more by Mountain/Lakewood as they tend to maintain the trails much better.  River Road Riders actually panned today so maybe they are going to take this a bit more seriously in Marinette County.  They actually opened up access to the City of Marinette and the bay this year for the first time in decades.  

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