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  1. The only "big" and "owned" those two (3 if you count rksdi) have ever known of is the ballsack riding across their own chins.
  2. You got that all wrong, he was asking for a safe place for the millenials, only they accidently entered an "L" and got this as a result: fLag
  3. With her mouth open like that, there's something and someone of her own train of thought that she could entertain,,, OH SNAP! I forgot, SR wouldn't be able to "fulfill" her.... Let alone a baby sized thimble.
  4. It’s what you might call . . . an inconvenient truth. Share with a Liberal! In doing so (sharing with a liberal), you may as well just chalk it up to doing this...
  5. The only "big" and "owned" those two (3 if you count rksdi) have ever known of is the ballsack riding across their own chins.
  6. Hello "Dick".. Seems you and GS both think your little sissified twat waffle groups will be able to sustain a real "jamming of the gears" with the sand intended to be thrown into them, 'eh? You'd both better first, find those that have the guts to do so, and not be costing mommy any time in the loony ward while trying to figure out how they were involved while being in her basement. And second, find something truthful to base all this snowflake first grader actions on, not just the same bullshit you two douchebags have been lapping up off the MSM's transgender peckers all of these years.
  7. There is a Syracuse, Indiana, it is highly populated by Mexicans already. Often referred to as "Little Mexico" by many who are aware of this. Rinker Boats are (literally) hand built by them in a factory where the #1 language is Espanol~, and the #2 is English, go figure. They all look like oompa's dressed in their white coveralls (with only their brown faces, hand and boots showing).
  8. Btw, sorry, my names not Richard, "Dick"
  9. Or was that, crooked cunt, barbaric bitch? Choose such one fits best in your feeble minded opinion.
  10. What'd ya say "Dick", you're just pissed the country turned down your twisted twat.
  11. Assholes like that need a public lynching
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