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  1. No matter which way you want to spin it the slotted piston was a failure. It’s ok to admit it. I’m a die hard polaris guy and can admit the Polaris has never been able to build a successful crank over 700cc. My best buds uncle was a tester before textron decided to get rid of pretty much everyone in the snow dept. The 800 ctec was sticking pistons left and right for years before the release. He even said it wasn’t ready but cat was done with their Zuke contract and needed a emission engine. He also said that the testing crew and engineers knew there was a big problem with the procros
  2. Because if there is a treatment that works there can’t be a experimental emergency use treatment. If it came out that both of those worked they would have had to stop the shots until fda approved. Same thing as the smoke and mirrors move the fda did with comirnaty. Pfizer was never approved but comirnaty was. Problem is comirnaty isn’t available in the US. Once a Drug is FDA approved and available there can’t be a emergency use drug used. So all the idiots that think Pfizer is approved are wrong. Moderna and j&j would have had to stop being administered
  3. I can’t figure out whose more retarded. 80 percent of liberal’s that think trump is going to jail or 5 percent of conservatives that think trump is still president.
  4. Odds of being struck by lighting in us is 1 in 700,000. Or .00014 percent. Couldn’t find info of lighting shooting out your dick. You’re 20 times more likely to be struck by lighting than having a fire at the pumps.
  5. Did I say cat had a 4 injector. Your reading comprehension is at a 3rd grade level. I said cat had two injectors with the slotted piston that functioned the same as a cfi4 Last time I checked transfer port and boost ports are the same thing. Get back to moping
  6. There’s a avg of 4150 fires at the pumps every year. Let’s say the avg fill up is 20 gallons. 4150x20 is 83,000. So 83,000gallons of gas each year pumped starts a fire. 83,000 divided by 128 billion is .00000065 or .000065 percent chance of a fire or explosion at the gas pump every year. Statistically improbable but still possible.
  7. What language is that? Guess I’m just going to have to take word for it.
  8. Where did you find this magical article about her having covid?
  9. Did you read her Instagram post? 5 days after receiving the booster she had heart problems. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the vax though
  10. Why do you think cat went away with the slot and to a 2 injector cfi set up. With the injectors firing into the transfer ports only. The slotted piston served the same function as 4 injector CFI’s There’s a hole in fuel delivery in the midrange when it’s trying to switch from transfer ports to case. I know what comes next “but the 600’s worked”. Yup the cfi4 600 worked too. It’s harder to get a larger CC to meet emissions. More power more gas
  11. Don’t forget the bottom end of the 850 was redesigned. Axys 850=fusion 900 2.o
  12. Have you ever tried the 509 ignite googles. It really helps with my n95
  13. 350 million gallons of gas is used every day in the US or 128 billion gallons a year. The odds of blowing up while filling your gas is nothing. You probably have a better chance of getting struck by lighting and it shooting out your dick like a pissed off Thor boner
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