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  1. Don't you have some skidoo owner's choad to fondle?
  2. It's called a big ask bud. Request something big and negotiate down to what you really want.
  3. I got a bad case of Thor dick again today...
  4. So the consensus seems to be just wear more masks.
  5. That is 100% a fact. So is the possibility of slipping in the shower and bashing my head. Life is a risk assessment.
  6. It's not about volume? Are you telling me that 5 gallons of fuel builds the exact same amount of static electricity as emptying a tanker? The same with rubbing a balloon. A fraction of a second compared to minutes of running the balloon will produce a different amount of static electricity if everything else was the same. I completely agree with static electricity being a real thing when pumping fuel, but we are talking about 5 gallons. Not 500 gallons.
  7. I agree, but how is this different than just fueling up your vehicle or a snowmobile on a trailer? You are also pumping far more fuel from your truck than just 5 gallons so the possibility drops even lower.
  8. I was going to disagree with you until I got to the second paragraph. I'm going to try these tips...
  9. I am having an issue with my goggles fogging up when I wear my surgical mask. How are you guys wearing your mask without fogging issues? Should I wear two?
  10. The vaccine and masks don't stop the flame from burning you, but it limits your chances of nagging mask Nazis telling you to put a mask on while you are rolling on the ground. Still not worth it.
  11. Masks probably caused more health issues than they stopped. It's a perfect breading ground for bacteria and viruses. Now you gotta breath that shit in all day? What intelligent person put a cloth mask on and said, this is it, this is all we need! It can't be real that people actually believed a cut up shirt was going to stop a virus. Sure, they might have provided a slight reduction in spread, but they caused far more issues than helped.
  12. Military support of people who most likely work in the medical field in their citizen job.
  13. Instead of calling it the vaccine mandate, just call it the Joe Biden rape mandate.
  14. Any authoritarian starts by removing the opposition in the government. Most of them have done it out in the open or just plain violently. Biden did it by forcing all government employees to be vaccinated wether they wanted to or not. Anyone who opposed the mandate was fired. Anyone who opposed but had a weak spine just got the vaccine. Either way, Biden removed opposition to him by forcing them out of their positions.
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