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  1. My uncle got one for for my younger cousin back in the day. Me and my trouble making cousin were not allowed to ride it because we can’t have nice things. We got to ride once and it was a wheelie machine lol
  2. That sled with 2up will do wheelies for days. With 2 adults on it lean back. It doesn’t have enough horse power to blow the track out. It will get great traction and lift the skis
  3. Not greg b


    Is the spider in a fixed position now? As in you can’t shim it in or out?
  4. Usually if they are wrecked bad enough they will throw the sled on top of the groomer drag and haul it home. That thing would be useful if a sled goes off a cliff or misses a bridge. I have seen that a bunch of times over the years
  5. Not greg b


    It looks like a better clutch than what they are using now. We got 2 seasons out of a team on our 16 before the primary was completely shot. I like how you don’t need to use monster weights in it and the spider is easily removed to rebuild it.
  6. Not greg b


    Krom posted pictures of the actual clutch yesterday he took apart on achat
  7. I will bring my nitrous bottle with me next week. We will make that 500 perrr
  8. I hear you will pick up 10mph sawing an 03 f7 engine in 1/2 and swapping it to a tree fiddy.
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