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  1. Sore subject with me. I paid my student loans off, paid my kids college tuition and now this fucktard wants me to pay for others debt?! Go fuck yourself Biden!!!
  2. I used to think you had common sense. SMFH
  3. My 03 GMT800 with 73K miles on it is still fine. Just wish our cheap ass chief engineer at the time would have spent more money on corrosion protection!
  4. Same thing happened to my 12 800 last month while on a trip. That bar should NEVER have been made out of aluminum. Finding so many pieces on the rear suspension that are steel on other models it's just stupid to think mass and cost savings are worth it at the expense of durability. To salvage the trip I was able to find a steel bar and even though my tunnel at the mount area was a little bent, it straightened back up when I tightened everything up. Got the tunnel reinforcement piece and rivets but haven't installed yet. You would think after the F series sled (I have an 03 F7 as well) Cat woul
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