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  1. Tut Tune Up

    2023 Ordered

    This is what I ordered 850 XCR 136
  2. I got mine as soon as I hung up the phone
  3. I bought an XCR this year and didn't have to change springs in it either if that helps
  4. Bontz I'm 350 all day, I needed them on last years indy 137 but not this years 137, I do bottom out once in awhile but you should if you want it to ride smooth on the studder bumps ,I ride mostly groomed trails anyway but never had a problem in the rough stuff after I took them out, the velocity shocks made a big difference this year is my thinking
  5. I bought a pair of HD springs for my VR1 850 this year and installed them rite away and rode about 4 or 500 miles on them and ended up taking them out, it rode like a dump truck, when I took them out it was fine even with my cam on medium, I had my rear blocks on high so maybe that helped, I had all the shocks on stock settings too, 2021 VR1 137 850
  6. Ordered an XCR 850 128 today got my confirmation this afternoon red with black tunnel,red rails and mid windshield
  7. I put 144 Woody's 1.575 Triggers in my VR1 137,they were out of stock on 1.63 or I would have used them, seems to hook good, and yes I installed tunnel protectors
  8. I only have 140 miles on mine so far and the only complaint I have so far is the headlight doesn't seem to be as bright on the VR1, shocks and Guage seem to be real nice, did you sell yours Bontz ?
  9. I just got signed in, glad to be back in the group
  10. Finally figured out where all you guys went, glad to get signed in and share our sled stories with you guys, we got snow
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