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  1. Zooman

    Winter 2018

    Awesomeness in Pettawa
  2. Zooman

    Winter 2018

    How’s the rail trial looking up your way George? Sopposed to be leaving from my place in Cameron to head to Pettawa on sat. I think we will trailer to Hally and leave from there Matt
  3. Zooman

    Sturgeon Lake Ice fatality

    It was up near birch point marina. Close to Bobcaygeon
  4. Zooman

    Moto X bike info?

    Hey Irv, it was 90 for me I put seafoam in everything too
  5. Zooman

    Moto X bike info?

    Funny seeing you guys mention this. I lived on gentry cres and went to east dale as well. Also rode up at the silo as much as I could in the late 80's
  6. Zooman

    Mystic jt4 oil

    My son and I bought some 1996 seadoo 800xp's last year and we both run the mystic. All I can say is the rave valves where pretty clean in the spring and so far so good
  7. Zooman

    Deck cleaner

    Looks good. Did you buy in locally? I need to use something like this before I restrain my back deck.