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  1. who here is going to admit...

    Plus 6 got killed looking for the fuck
  2. Guess what Nazi Pig Dog if taxpayer money is subsidizing your lower premium you're fooling yourself your not paying for it regardless. IDIOT plus you can add an addition 1/3 for what the government wasted
  3. Why? Just noticed this...

    Back Saver be happy, you got more than you paid for
  4. 31 year old

    The real good news is not that the guy is young but that the Leftards lost
  5. white trash

    AFJspinfuckstick likes to talk about white trash cuz he is one
  6. Why? Just noticed this...

    No, the falling rate non polaris M10 is better except for top end
  7. yah guess what when taxpayers stop subsidizing shit it costs more are people this fucking stupid to not realize this fact
  8. Discuss

    Yet you're the fucking imbicile that's been about everything for how long is it now fucking know nothing MORON
  9. Discuss

    She didn't win the primary it was rigged for her, Trump out worked his opponents and had better ideas people cared about Thrillery had no ideas but carry on for Barry's failures and retreaded DemonCUNT bullshit
  10. It wouldn't be if Thrillery was POTUS was the point, Massive Turd
  11. Suicide by double shot to back of head, Clinton method