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  1. Momorider

    Still Fine at 61....Damn!

    If your into spics I guess
  2. So they are quarantined Beijing now, this could be it
  3. Midget lying know nothing shitforbrains posts what?
  4. You would get identical results with just aerobic exercise Faggot
  5. Momorider

    Is Jimmy snacks..

    and from IT Sodomite, all the homosexual posts
  6. Momorider

    Is Jimmy snacks..

    but all agree you are CUNT
  7. When was the last time you nagged him about those PMs in every post for three months in every thread? Need more of that
  8. Momorider

    Senate trials are a joke.

    Epstein island were all underaged girls
  9. No you the only thing you beat is your micopenis Faggot
  10. Momorider

    Senate trials are a joke.

    Slicks problem wasn't getting sucked off in the oval office it was the fact he was lying and dishonest pedo