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  1. Austin Texas Bomber

    He blew up as many whites you racist fuck
  2. "Stop being a fucking criminal and maybe they would not have ended up dead in a gang turf war " you cock breathed ignorant POS
  3. Palin mopped the fucking floor with imbicile in the 2008 VP debate
  4. He is talking about Biden you hack no mind ignorant clown
  5. Brennan voted communist and supported the US communist party and Barry appoints the fuck commie POS to one of the most sensitive intelligence positions there is only the leftards would think this is OK
  6. Despite your propoganda and the fact Biden had defirments Trump would pound Joe any day every day Taintrider you pathetic ignorant low IQ hack
  7. In high school Trump was bigger and in better shape it wouldn't have even been a fight he would have put poor Joe in the hospital
  8. Brennan will be spending time at the crowbar hotel can't wait for his perp walk