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  1. Momorider

    600 Pounds of Pure Bullshit

    Funny irony from you fat pile of shit
  2. Momorider


    Guy is a shitstain ever day just a pathetic POS day in and day out and a fucking liar and misserable CUNT
  3. Momorider

    600 Pounds of Pure Bullshit

    More from
  4. Momorider

    600 Pounds of Pure Bullshit

    He has 29 million listeners every day you paint huffing weather vane shitforbrains
  5. Momorider


    Jesus was very much alive not a reanimated corpse you heathen FUCKs
  6. Momorider


    You always are
  7. Momorider

    Yeah but Bill lied about a bj

    And cuz Zhang hasn't owned the buisness for years more FAKENEWS
  8. Momorider

    Sexy merc

    Edit the title then it a thing you have the ability
  9. Momorider


  10. Momorider


    from actual Sodomite