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  1. Cayo Coco, Cuba

  2. Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    The Dyke is third in popularity, Leftards are going to get decimated next election if she had even a shred of respectability she would step down and get a new leader before the election
  3. The 80's

    Commie pinko fuck
  4. Duffy sues for $7.8M

    They basically fucked the guys life and reputation
  5. Duffy sues for $7.8M

    Hope he gets that and more
  6. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    ICEWelcher ordered a dozen I am sure
  7. Ottawa Valley Trail

  8. Ottawa Valley Trail

    Remember when Wrong Again Fail called the RAP tour the WRAP tour Fucking imbicile