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  1. Neo Nazis?

    WRONG AGAIN FAIL is basically the dumbest fuck on the planet just so you know
  2. Meme thread

    Nailed it
  3. steve bannon OUT at the W.H.

    More proof you're a clown as is your clown narrative
  4. steve bannon OUT at the W.H.

    Is going in with a seal team and taking out the puke military action Ballsack?
  5. Neo Nazis?

    NeoStoner is the biggest fascist on here, he has been advocating murder and execution all over the place, biggest hypocrite on the site
  6. Neo Nazis?

    Yup there used to be 4 million KKK and because of the first amendment right to free speech there are like 8,000 or so while the population had doubled because they are out there speaking and everyone realized they were assholes and now going extinct, thanks to free speech
  7. steve bannon OUT at the W.H.

    5 are a result of Kelly becoming Cheif of staff. Dog Prick
  8. steve bannon OUT at the W.H.

    Actuall the pawn is you are
  9. Cock breath posts what?
  11. I got it bad!!!!!11

    Unlike you actual engineering
  12. Question for the alt leftists here

    No there are millions that know what went down and there are some just like you who are
  13. Question for the alt leftists here

    You never watched shit, if you did you didn't understand what was said your AGAIN FAIL