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  1. You are so out to lunch it would seem you haven't eaten lunch like ever but are still mysteriously a fat fucking slob and a dumb shitforbrains
  2. It's Fact you are the dumbest FUCK that's ever posted on this site about everything and a fucking Liar
  3. Admits it and thinks its OK literally dumber than a bag of rocks
  4. about litteraly fucking everything since the big bang, dumbest most gullible stupid fuck since AlGore invented the Internet SMH
  5. You are dumber more gullible than a bag of monkey shit at the bottom of the ocean
  6. and FAKENEWSMAINECUNT and Snot defend these criminal fucks
  7. Momorider

    It's Presidents Day

  8. "Reportedly" is code for FAKENEWS FAKENEWSMAINECUNT
  9. And Trump is Still Your President FAGGOTS
  10. Momorider

    Classic trump move

    It the depart of Defence not Depart of Offence
  11. Momorider

    Meme thread

    Poor Bitter Bitter Paint Huffer
  12. Momorider

    Trump tweets, the Sunday editions

    One thing that is a certainty is you Snot will be 100% AGAIN