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  1. Lobster fucking imbicile posts what?
  2. Almost as stupid and WRONG as Bipolarhooknose
  3. Five times
  4. Biden lost to Palin in a debate, was really no fucking contest and that's just another of a long fucking list of things you have been on Bipolarhooknose
  5. Oh and he supported Thrillery that also tells you what a moron he is
  6. Why are you defending this fucking clown he couldn't even debate Palin
  7. Bipolarhooknosed five times in his own fucking thread, that's like FAKENEWSMAINECUNT level
  8. Five different guys Bipolarhooknose in a thread he started
  9. Five times in his own thread even
  10. five times on that in your own thread fucking moron
  11. Stations got paid in advance to air them and they didn't want to give a refund