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  1. There is a better chance of AFJstupidasfuck becoming a Mensa member than Trump being impeached
  2. The best part is Trump could fire Muller immediately at any time and there is nothing even non complete brain dead imbeciles like you could do about it
  3. Momorider

    Will They Back It Up.....

    I am usually an equal opportunity anti censorship guy but in Taintriders case I would be happy is he got his badge of honour and got banned from FS
  4. Momorider

    Will They Back It Up.....

    Laughing at stupid people is not nice and Taintrider is nothing but stupid
  5. Momorider


    You are a pathetic POS worse than all of them
  6. Momorider


    It was such an obvious attempt to circumvent and hide shit she should be in jail for even setting it up never mind all the shady work and pay to play criminality she carried out
  7. You are beyond help such a pathetic mindless stupid moron and pathetic POS Oh and a liar
  8. You are not only the biggest fucking hack on the site but really really fucking stupid, like a bag of monkey shit at the bottom of the ocean stupid
  9. Momorider

    Will They Back It Up.....

    That is an insult to grapefruits
  10. Momorider

    America's christmas gift for 2019.

    is anyone dumber on here than AFJCLOWNASSFUCK Serious fucking question?
  11. Momorider

    New members

    So you had a good night I take it
  12. How about some drone footage of said statue nice flyover
  13. How Comey ever became director of the FBI is insane, guy is dumber than Tillerson as well as full of nothing but from the faggot