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  1. GGNHL

    Sessions done

    Good, fuck that guy and his 1980s dope and other policies. I dont even partake, but it sounds like an old reefer madness video.
  2. The real question is why are you and your kid arguing about politics? I have everything from a bleeding heart lib to NRA card carrying, bible thumping conservative in my family and id rather take a cheese grater to my dick then listen to their opinions on anything political.
  3. GGNHL

    Ford taking it in the shorts.

    Most reliable truck on the market.
  4. GGNHL

    Happy Halloween

    None, not many kids in my neighborhood, plus the 475 foot driveway with no lights I guess keeps em away too.
  5. GGNHL

    Marking a murglerer season 2

    If the Avery clan is representative of the typical Wisconsinite I can see why all your opinions are so fucked up.
  6. GGNHL

    Meme thread

    Bangor right by the mall, only one in ME. Fucker is packed from 10am til 8pm every single day (except Sunday), but they move you through really quick.
  7. GGNHL

    Meme thread

    I just ate Chick Fil A today and it was amazing!!!1! You obviously dont have good taste Eatler!
  8. GGNHL

    Meme thread

    The biggest problem I have with that sign is the Chick Fil A cup, even LGBQTWXY&Z's love that place, its awesome! I also think it's funny someone actually paid to have that poster put up, what a loser.