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  1. GGNHL

    Spring Time.

    It's still snowmobiling season Tom for at least 1 more week, enough of the spring stuff! Last saturday at 65 degrees
  2. GGNHL

    Meme thread

    I don't deny that at all, you and i would be Eskimo brothers when it comes to female standards.
  3. GGNHL

    Meme thread

    What the fuck did I just watch?
  4. Yeah, you guys raise em big out there in the midwest, she ain't a lady unless she's 280! Oh for sure, I'd get up in all their guts, I think I'd only need some drinks for two of em. After this weekend I decided I'm not lowering my standards at all. Between the hot mom I get to bone a few times a month and a couple other girls I talk to while having complete freedom to do whatever i want single life is great and I'm gonna need someone to check most of my boxes before I put up with the BS again....
  5. Id say half those girls are above average by Maine standards, welcome to my plight.
  6. Show was awesome first few seasons, went stale, then they got better towards the end, skipped over your block of text cause I haven't watched the last two seasons yet and you ain't spoiling shit for me!
  7. GGNHL

    Nick Foles Signs W/ The Jags

    They've been more pathetic than the Lions for decades, I've been pulling for them for a few years, hoping Baker keeps improving and they'll be tough to beat if they can get their act together a bit more.
  8. GGNHL

    Nick Foles Signs W/ The Jags

    Browns win the division this year, official GGL prediction!
  9. GGNHL

    Meme thread

    Ok, that's pretty savage.