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Indy 4S - winner or chicken dinner?

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I'm a season away from ordering a new sled - finally - for the wife.  Her priorities are good handling at slower speeds, silky smooth throttle/clutching and light steering.  With EPS now added to the Yamaha triple 4-stroke offerings, that seems like a very good choice for her.  But, she's even more brand-loyal than I am, and she loves her current Polaris.  

With that in mind, has anyone actually ridden the Indy 4S yet?  On paper, it seems like a good fit for her, but wish Polaris would put their ATV EPS in it.  Not sure what Polaris puts on the 4S for carbides and maybe steering effort isn't a big deal.  

Since nobody will likely be sitting on any demos this next winter, any real-world experience would be helpful.

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One of my good friends wives has ridden one a bunch of times and it is her favorite.  That being said, first year new engine from ANY manufacturer be it a powersport, car, boat, is a HUGE no go for me.

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13 hours ago, Liggett said:

What's her current sled?

Old 600 pound Polaris 600.  Weight is not an issue for her, as long as that weight isn't affecting steering.  Her current sled is that way - steering is surprisingly light for its weight. She doesn't go fast enough to notice the understeer.

The Polaris liquid 600 is an excellent engine - more than enough power for her, but also easy for her to modulate the throttle and smooth response all the way from idle to wide open.  She actually likes a bit of throttle lag, and so do I - the Ski Doo tbw system is distracting for me, and I know she wouldn't like it.

She loves her 570 Sportsman EPS because it's so easy to operate, and I think her next snowmobile is going to have to match that.  An Indy with the new 4-smoke seems to check all the boxes.  I would lean towards the 650 as the next best option for her, but when Polaris announced the S4, it seemed like a much better choice (assuming they have the bugs worked out of it before we order).

Ideally, I hope to find her some seat time before the 2023 Snow Check rolls around, but I don't give that too much chance of success.  

She's the final decision maker when it comes to her new sled, and I'm just preparing to consult on the project.

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