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2ndary Clutch Needle Bearing

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Installing a roller bearing in the 2ndary is really not a true performance gain but a consistency gain for your sleds shifting.  Without a bearing or at least delrin washer in the 2ndary results in some erratic shifting and inconsistent performance.  On occasion the spring will bind up preventing the 2ndary from fully opening for full shiftout or delay the shifting both normally resulting in the sled overwinding and poor top end.  Delrin washers should be the minimum stalled but the roller bearing seems the most consistent.  I use a shim washer between the bearing and aluminum clutch sheave as I've seen bearings wear into aluminum in different applications others have not used a shim washer and seen no effect on the aluminum.  The bearing gets installed beneath the spring bucket item 9 and the outer clutch sheave.       

Bearing washer.jpg

Needle bearing.jpg

Clutch view.jpg

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19 hours ago, Crnr2Crnr said:

is that primarily a Polaris thing?  I don't recall seeing a lot of Cats or Doos doing the delrin or roller bearing - or maybe I've missed those posts. 

A Team TSS-04 secondary thing. I've done 3 Polaris like this now. I also do it like Doug said. A washer on the clutch sheave side.  And I also sand the cup where the bearing rides  with 600 wet paper on a glass surface.



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If you are looking to buy this bearing just go to Amazon with the information above.  Seen where there's a place on a different site that is selling these for $25.00.  That place currently does not post over here.  I'm all for a little markup but come on.   


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